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Description: Cricket mail order catalogue

A proudly Australian owned family company ABN 90 052 307 507 Head Office CriCket 2016-17 Kingsgrove Sports Centre 179 Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia P 61 2 9502 4533 F 61 2 9502 4503 Aust. Wide P 1300 552 999 E orders Kingsgrove Sports Westside 570 Church Street North Parramatta NSW 2151 P 9630 5459 Kingsgrove Sports North Shore 481 Pacific Highway Artarmon NSW 2064 Kingsgrove Sports Penrith Kingsgrove Sports Newcastle P 9420 2842 Shop 3 & 4 51 York Road Penrith NSW 2750 46 Maitland Road Islington NSW 2296 P 4721 4500 Mail Order Catalogue www. kingsgrovesports P 4961 0133 Closed New Year s Day Australia Day Good Friday Easter Sunday Anzac Day Christmas Day Boxing Day Trading Hours are subjecT To cHange Please check page 3 or log on to MEDIA I N D E X Accessories Bat Grips Aero Protective Asic CA Replica Clothing Autograph Bats Mini Bats Bags Bat Covers Bat Repairs Bowling Machines Coaching Aids Nets Club Kits Club & School Gear - Bats Gloves Pads Bags Club & Schools - Cricket Clothing Coloured Pads Limited Over Cricket Cricket Academy Cricket Balls Cricket Bat Maintenance & Warranty Cricket Bat Selection - Classic 43 45 50 68-69 45 80-83 42 15 55-58 52-53 49 59-62 44 6 46-48 4 10-11 27-29 12-14 18-19 15 16-17 22-23 26 24-25 20-21 8-9 7 50 55 57-58 42 72-74 72 30-33 62-66 57 84 75 34-36 67 48 55 77-79 71 73 54 62 84 64 40-41 38-39 85 86 87 here is some important advice GST GST is applied to all purchases made in person at our stores through the on-line store and by mail order for delivery or postage to Australian addresses. Orders airmailed or shipped to addresses outside australia are gSt exempt. Tourist Refund Scheme Foreign tourists and Australians travelling overseas can claim back the GST component of their purchase on departure from Australia. Ask for a GST Tax Invoice when you make your purchase. To be eligible your total purchase from any store must total more than AU 300. Items purchased must be carried as hand luggage and shown at the Airport TRS counter located after you proceed through Customs & Immigration. For full information check Advice to Clubs and Schools It is a policy that a customer has authority to purchase on behalf of a Club or School. This could be a letter or a purchase number order. We recommend that you make an appointment before your visit so that we have the time to discuss your requirements for the season. We are happy to discuss terms . Service is our Business. Cricket Bats Sub Continent - SS SF CA MRF Adidas Cricket Bats - Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats - Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats - JP Gavan Cricket Bats - Kookaburra Cricket Bats - Puma Cricket Bats - Spartan Cricket Gear - Kingsport Range Cricket Gear - New Balance Cricket Gear - Season s Specials Cricket Kits - Combo Cricket Nets Synthetic Grass Cricket Sets & Starters Cricket Cricket Shirts Pants Whites & Creams Digital Print for clothing Gloves Batting Inners Helmets & Headwear Hire Kits Indoor Sports Jumpers & Pullovers Sweaters Leg Guards Cricket Pads Memorabilia Bat Cabinets Display Units Score Books Scoreboards Shoes Skins Compression Sport Under Clothing Socks Stumps & Accessories Sun Glasses Sun Protection - Kings Cricket Arm Glove Thigh Pads Guards Protectors Wicket Keeping Gear Convenient Ways to Order Mail Order Form Staff - The People Who Serve You For more efficient service fax or email your shopping list so we can have it ready for pick up. At the height of the season there may be in-store service delays especially on Saturday and Sunday. Please call your store manager to discuss a convenient time so you may have our undivided attention. Purchases made on 30-60 days credit terms will require a 10% deposit. Warranty Claims and Replacements Kingsgrove Sports is not legally bound to replace refund or repair any product purchased until the product manufacturer importer or agent authorises such a claim after inspecting the damaged or unsuitable product. Please ensure you return any damaged or unsuitable products immediately for inspection. Demands for replacement without inspection by the proper authority may be rejected. PrOOf Of PurchaSe muSt Be PrOviDeD With aNy DamageD Or uNSuitaBle item Disclaimer management reserves the right to change or alter prices quoted in this catalogue due to currency fluctuations or printing error. While we will attempt to maintain all prices published in this catalogue through to the next season prices are subject to change without notice. Due to space restrictions or trade decisions certain items in this catalogue may not be displayed in all stores. however orders can be taken and forwarded through available outlets. Copyright Material in this publication may not be reproduced without written consent from Kingsgrove Sports Centre Pty Ltd. Warning Some online suppliers of cricket gear show no credible evidence of stock and have no history of supplying a warranty for your bat and other gear. Say NO to online suppliers who have no history or reputation in our cricket industry. 179 Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208 LOCKED MAIL BAG 5000 KINGSGROVE NSW 2208 Phone 02 9502 4533 Fax 02 9502 4503 Email orders Managing Director Harry Solomons Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm 21 ur Thursday 9.00am - 7.30pm (August - December) Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm (January - July) ving t he We s Saturday 8.30am - 4.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm e st Y ar Se r O t 570 Church Street North Parramatta NSW 2151 Phone 02 9630 5459 Email westside Manager David Solomons Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Closed Sun Tue (March - July) Thursday 9.00am - 7.30pm (August - December) Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm (January - July) Saturday 8.30am - 4.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm 481 Pacific Highway Artarmon NSW 2064 Phone 02 9420 2842 Email artarmon Manager Ahillen Beadle Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Closed Sun Mon (March - July) Thursday 9.00am - 7.30pm (August - December) Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm (January - July) Saturday 8.30am - 4.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm Shops 3 & 4 51 York Road Penrith NSW 2750 Phone 02 4721 4500 Email penrith Manager Wilston Ranawake Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Closed Sun Wed (March - July) Thursday 9.00am - 7.30pm (August - December) Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm (January - July) Saturday 8.30am - 2.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 2.00pm 46 Maitland Road Islington NSW 2296 Phone 02 4961 0133 Fax 02 4961 0177 Email newcastle Manager Jody Whitehead Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Closed Sunday (March - July) Thursday 9.00am - 7.00pm (August - December) Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm (January - July) Saturday 8.30am - 2.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 2.00pm Online StOre a secure consumer site for online buyers who want genuine Cricket products & advice Summer ( August to March ) Winter ( April to July ) Trading Hours are subjecT To cHange Log on to Kingsgrove Sports Partnering with Supporing Origin Grand Cricket Australia MEDIA CriCket Bat MaintenanCe & Warranty PoliCy If you believe your bat should not crack . . . . do not buy it from us Minor Crack - repair Harry Solomons This is only a repair Water Damage This is just a repair Crack in Toe Handle can be replaced Crack in Handle Faulty - Need replacement Crack in Shoulder Major Crack Just a repair Crack in Blade Principal Causes of Damage Inaccurate Play Unprotected Bat Cheap Hard Balls Dampness in Toe Blade Severe Edging Yorkers Hitting Toe Bowling Machine Balls Cricket Bat Warranty A Warranty is a goodwill agreement offered by all bat manufacturers to repair or replace a bat that has suffered damage believed not to be the fault of the customer. Kingsgrove Sports supports all genuine Warranties. Extratec Proface Clear Sleeve We highly recommend the use of this sleeve on your bat. This clear sleeve is the best protection for the face and edges of cricket bats. It is widely used by Test & First Class cricketers Michael Clarke - Courtesy of Spartan Image with the authority of Spartan and Michael C larke Our research shows reduced bat problems with its use ...................... Our Price 11 Knocking-In your new Bat Knocking-In ... 1 2 3 4 Prevents excessive damage or indentations Will never totally reduce cracking or indentations The longer you spend knocking-in the longer the life span of your bat Damage to a bat varies depending on the piece of willow & individual use but will not impair the efficiency of the bat the technique used in preparation of the bat and edges is designed to withstand normal conditions. A Bat will not be replaced due to handle break edge or surface cracking but will be repaired under Warranty only in the first season of use. Bats over 12 months old from date of purchase will be considered entirely at the manufacturers discretion. There is no definite time that a cricket bat will last. The bat will deteriorate with use on the field and against bowling machine balls. Care for and maintain your bat to extend its life. Please retain receipt as proof of purchase. Guide to Warranty conditions for cost free repair or replacement of bats None caused by dampness and swelling of toe None on edge & toe cracks caused by inaccurate play None due to heat damage None due to over oiling None due to insufficient preparation Y ImPortant Y Some modern cricket bats are very expensive. This does not mean that your costly bat is not prone to normal cracking or wear and tear. The same warranty rules apply to any expensive model bat H a r r y S o l o m o ns Managing Director as to any standard cricket bat. Surface Cracking Willow is a very soft material - some surface cracking and indentations will appear even after light use. Do not panic. Surface cracking is not detrimental to the performance of your bat. Lightly sand your blade especially in the cracked areas. You can continue to use your bat. You may wish to strap your bat with fibreglass tape if the cracks appear harmful or excessive. er To a rg e t o S e o L rv e Nothing in our 40 year history has given me more pleasure than seeing the faces of our customers when they walk into our business . . . & then leave us contented with what they have purchased & satisfied wth our service ou Y Ne v To provide our customers with Quality Selection Choice & Service at a reasonable & fair price. Our MissiOn stateMent H a r r y S o l o m o ns Managing Director To be a successful Company by offering quality products & services that our competition can only dream about. Our COMpany ObjeCtive Pr ou y dl A u s t ra l i a n Ow ne at ion d Ul t im at e C ricke D t es t in A ust ra lia s All Ye ar Round 179 Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Phone 02 9502 4533 academy academy.html Cricket.Academy For further details on all services below visit our website Holiday Coaching Clinics Our clinics cover all aspects of cricket including batting bowling and fielding. Our panel of very experienced and expert coaches strive to focus on the development of correct technique natural skill as well as sportsmanship & teamwork. Our range of different Clinics combine quality coaching with games & drills aimed to promote the enjoyment factor of the game. Clinics numbers are kept small and age appropriate to ensure that each child receives a fair go Clinics are run during all school holiday periods. See our webpage for all future clinic dates All Le vels Clinics Also Include Food Drinks Certificate & Prizes General & Advanced Clinic options for different Levels and Age brackets Sunday Squads Unique 2 hour training session for ages 8 -12 run by Kingsgrove Cricket Academy Coaching Director and Cricket Australia Level I I I Coach Hamish Solomons One on One Coaching Intensive training sessions with experienced and accredited coaches are held Monday to Friday from 3.30pm onwards Daytime and Weekend sessions are available by special appointment. Fee includes use of Academy facilities such as Bowling Machines and Coaching Aids Weekly or Casual spots Membership packages availble We also run Small Groups Development Squads - See Website All Age s training combined with fun games and drills Every Sunday from 9am Check Academy website for booking details and break dates Other Services Spinners Workshops Fast Bowling sessions Net Hire Machine Hire Birthday Parties Fa s t B o w l i n g C l i n i c s Promotions -Appearances Advanced High Performance Programmes Overseas Student Programmes Hosting tour programmes games Hire our Coaches for your practise sessions Small Group Sessions Allrounders Groups Specialist Clinics School Bookings Programmes Player Appearances (Check Facebook Page) Net H ire I n t e r n a t i o n a l To u r s Spin Workshops 6 From grassroots to high performance we care for cricketers . . . . K TS I Pe rS Combo Kits - Se N IOr A ON L Substantial discounts by buying the lot in Kit F orm Includes Free sleeve & knock-in of the Bat Kits pecials ave... ave... By Purchasing Our Special Combo SAVE . . . SAVE . . . KINGSPORT PERSONAL KITS . . . TOP BRANDS Gray-Nicolls XP 70 80 Kit 4. G-N XP 80 1500 Bat 180. G-N XP 70 1200 Gloves 219. G-N XP 70 1200 Pads 259. G-N Ultimate Combo T-Pad 724. G-N Ultimate Bag Was 1250 Gray-Nicolls Omega Kit 9. G-N Omega 1200 Bat 168. G-N Omega 950 Gloves 208. G-N Omega 950 Pads 239. G-N Ultimate Combo T-Pad 723. G-N Omega 1500 Bag Was 970 Puma evoPOWer 1 Se Kit ( TOP ) 510 70 100 45 145 8. Puma evoPOWer 1 Se Bat 670 105 140 45 160 625 184. Puma evoPOWer 1 Se Gloves 110 225. Puma evoPOWer 1 Se Pads 155 270. Puma evoPOWer 1 Se T-Pad 50 736. Puma evoSPeeD Xl Bag Was 1170 pecials 105 noW 1120 noW 870 noW 1045 Put Together Your Kit of 5 Items in a KIT for Personal use . . . 10% Discount pecials Kooka Ghost Pro Players le Kit 5. Kooka Ghost Pro Players Bat 865 188. Kooka Kahuna Pro Players Gloves 140 222. Kooka Kahuna Pro Players Pads 262. Kooka Pro Players le T-Pad 729. Kooka Pro Players 1 le Bag Was 1635 Kooka Dynasty Pro Players le Kit 6. Kooka Dynasty Pro Players le Bat 630 181. Kooka Dynasty Pro Players Gloves 100 215. Kooka Dynasty Pro Players Pads 262. Kooka Pro Players le T-Pad 728. Kooka Pro 1500 Bag Was 1260 Puma evoSPeeD Kit 77. Puma evoSPeeD McCullum 302 Bat 170. Puma evoSPeeD 2 Gloves 207. Puma evoSPeeD 2 Pads 560 80 100 105 155 110 195 120 110 165 270. Puma evoPOWer 1 T-Pad Set 50 736. Puma evoSPeeD Xl Bag Was 1000 pecials noW 1465 noW 1125 noW 895 Any KIT can be Put Together for You - 5 Items . . . 10% Discount Gunn & Moore Original Kit 2. G&M Mana Original Bat 182. G&M Original Gloves 224. G&M Original le Pads 266. G&M Original Thigh Pad Set 732. G&M Original Duplex Bag Was 1380 New Balance Top-end Kit 7. New Balance DC le Bat New Balance DC No 2 Kit ( TEST ) 61. New Balance DC 1080 Bat 675 105 175 55 225 955 145 45 170 650 66. New Balance DC 1080 Gloves 125 73. New Balance TC 1260 Pads 72. New Balance Body Pro T-Pad Set 741. New Balance 1080 le Bag Was 1610 67. New Balance DC 880 Gloves 90 pecials 74. New Balance DC 880 Pads 72. New Balance Body Pro T-Pad Set 741. New Balance 1080 le Bag Was 1205 125 45 170 noW 1235 noW 1440 noW 1080 Small Mens and Junior KIT can be Put Together - 5 Items . . . 10% Discount Kingsport The Zone Vintage Kit 101. Kingsport Vintage B2D4 Bat 87. Kingsport Vintage Gloves 91. Kingsport Vintage Pads 268. Kingsport epic Dual T-Pad 739. Kingsport Vintage Bag Was 905 Kingsport The Zone Noble Willow 102. Kingsport Noble Willow Bat 88. Kingsport Noble Willow Gloves 92. Kingsport Noble Willow Pads 268. Kingsport epic Dual T-Pad 738. Kingsport Zone 5 Star Bag Was 770 Kingsport The Zone epic Kit 104. Kingsport Attitude Bat 90. Kingsport epic Gloves 94. Kingsport epic Pads 268. Kingsport epic Dual T-Pad 737. Kingsport epic Bag Was 510 475 70 110 35 120 400 65 100 35 90 265 50 50 35 55 noW 810 noW 690 noW 455 CONDITION FUll KIT HAS TO Be PUrCHASeD TO SeCUre THeSe SPeCIAl COMBO PrICeS Buy online . . . 7 S e aSo n S S p e c ia l S 05 E 4 SAV mla M o de l H ash im A While S tocks L ast Please Email or Phone to check stock availability 05 E 3 SAV Limited Stock 00 E 2 SAV Knock-In FREE 25 E 1 SAV Ready Play 110 AVE S Knock-In FREE pecials Limited Stock Discount Price was 1000 Discount Price was 495 Discount Price was 700 Discount Price was 360 pecials SH Mens SH Mens Discount Price was 335 SH LB Mens SH LB Mens SH Mens 595 BAS Player Edition Test Bat 395 BAS Bow 20 20 Perfect Limited Over bat 295 Spartan MC 2000 Top Match 2nd Grade 235 Kooka Senator KS 40 SENIOR Match Bat 225 Spartan MC 3000 SAV 5 E 3 SAV 5 E 4 SAV 0 E 3 SAV 0 E 6 pecials Sm Me ns Mens Sm Me ns Mens Mens Mens Was 130 85 Was 100 70 Was 140 80 45 Was 100 65 40 Spartan Eoin Morgan LE Total Test Edition Spartan MC 1000 Total Test Match BAS Bow 20 20 Absolute Test Class CA Plus 15000 Total Test Match E SAV 45 E SAV E SAV RRP 100 RRP 135 RRP 100 Youth 900 Mens 700 Sm Me ns Mens Youth Mens 55 35 90 60 Spartan MC 2000 Top Shelf Mens Match pad Gray-Nicolls F18 700 - Mens Gray-Nicolls F18 900 - Youth AlSo IdEAl CoAChES KIT Spartan MC 1000 Top Class Match pad was 90 55 70 x 40 x 35 CM E SAV NOW E SAV 20 NOW was 80 60 Spartan MS Dhoni Training Duffle Bag 2 side Bat compartments 2 side Pockets Spartan MC Junior Extrernal bat pocket heavy duty wheels. External & internal pockets 8 Kingsgrove Sports Partnering with Supporing Origin Grand Cricket Australia Hottest Specials 2016 50 E 1 SAV av y Pro f ile He We have them Too 0 E 5 SAV o de l J u n io r M While Stocks Last Please Email or Phone to check stock availability 50 E 1 SAV Knock-In FREE Knock-In FREE 5 E 6 SAV B AT CL UB 00 E 1 SAV o de l J u n io r M Ready Play Ready Play Knock-In pecials FREE JuNIOR Size only TEST Model English Willow MATCH Discount Price was 365 Discount Price was 365 Discount Price was 180 Discount Price was 225 Discount Price was 250 pecials SH L B Mens SH Mens SH Mens Mens Sm Harrow 6 5 4 Harro w Size 6 215 Gray-Nicolls F18 600 XL Missive 3 LB Bat Match Bat 215 BAS Blaster 115 Spartan Gladiator Top Club English Willow KS 40 Junior 175 Kooka Senator 0 E 2 150 G-N Oblivion e41 1200 Grade 1 Junior S E N I OR SAV 0 E 3 SAV 0 E 2 SAV JU N I OR pecials Mens Youth Sm Me ns Mens Was 75 H O T BUY Spartan MC 2000 Total Match Quality 45 5 E 2 SAV Was 65 SS Platino (Splits) 45 5 E 1 SAV Was 50 JNR 30 JNR 55 SNR 65 Top Match Square Finger Gray-Nicolls viper Rubber Sizes 2 - 7 US Junior Match Puma evoSPEED 5.5 Junior 1 - 7 US Puma evo Team Sport Rubber SNR Senior 7 - 14 US 8 - 11 Half Sizes SAV E 40 SAV 0 E 6 Limited Stock RRP 75 Mens RRP 50 y th B oys Sm B o ys Mens Youth 50 Kooka Raptor 850 Micro Lite Dual LH or RH Match Club WK Pad 35 Gray-Nicolls Elite WK Pad Was 100 60 Was 145 85 G-N Legend Full Spike SNR Sizes 8 - 14 US ( incl. Half Sizes ) New Balance 4030 7 - 15 US 8.5 - 11.5 Half Sizes 70 x 29 x 28 CM was 75 50 80 x 26 x 27 CM E SAV 25 NOW E SAV 20 NOW was 75 55 Kookaburra Pro 500 Verve Junior bag with wheels and bat compartment Kookaburra Pro 500 Junior Wheelie with bat compartment. Xtra pocket Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 9 Free Knock-in with bat purc hase from us Our C lassic Se le c tion Normal Cost 51 1 2 3 4 New David Warner KABOOM Models - Go to Page 14 for more Gray-Nicolls elite Selections PG14 1. Gunn & Moore Paragon DXM F4.5 Player edition Ready Play 3. Gray-Nicolls XP 80 2000 Discount Export Natural Crafted by Stuart Kranzbuhler Discount Export Yes a massive 490 off the RRP Reduced Price Prime English Willow Players Edition - Test Seriously substantial high swell Engineered lighter swing weight Beaut curved 4.5 face Big bat for the best players Bat performance through science reality Iconic British design & pure magic finish Handcrafted in Australia it creates a new benchmark Incredible 80 mm spine creates new boundaries Outstanding performance This is not a light bat you cannot expect that but a light pick-up & balance Standard Mens Short Handle only 1790 1300 1182 Standard Mens Short Handle only 1000 945 860 New Weight 2.10 2.13 oz Weight 2.10 2.15 oz 2. Gunn & Moore Mana DXM F4.5 Original Ready Play 4. Gray-Nicolls XP 80 1500 Discount Export Natural Crafted by Stuart Kranzbuhler Discount Export Magic new British made marvel F4.5 optimised curved face and substantial edges Power packed performance drive zone Pure quality English Willow by the best Weight distribution from shoulder to swell Enhanced like-for-like power and performance Dynamic sweetspot and bow Exactly same features as above still using Grade 1 Willow Replica of XP 80 2000 as above Can be as dynamic as the top XP 80 set to dominate world bat making Crafted by Gray-Nicolls master bat craftsman Stuart Kranzbuhler Light pick-up and balance Standard Mens SH Long Blade 995 750 682 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 800 765 696 Weight 2.8 2.11 oz Weight 2.11 2.15 oz 10 Total player profile . . . sheer class quality and perfection The E E lit e H andpicked to take you to he nexex t ve lve l The lit e H andpicked to take you to t t he n t le le Cricket Bats Cricket Bats 5 6 7 8 N e wKookaburra Ghost Pro Players 1 LE 5. Natural Discount Export 7. New Balance DC Limited Edition Natural Steve Smith Replica Discount Export Selected top-grade unbleached Willow Kookaburra s new flagship bat along with Kahuna LE Slightly rounded maximum edges fuller blade Handcrafted dynamic rounded blade with light pick up Supremely perfected super spine gentle bow The best of the best available at our stores Aussie skipper s stunning new bat Premier Limited Edition Grade 1 plus English Willow. The Best Classic craftsmanship applied to a Rolls Royce model bat Steve prefers a large lower swell & thick edges Lightly oval handle leads to a massive middle Sculptured finish to the finest of bats Standard Mens Short Handle 1100 985 896 Standard Mens Short Handle only 1200 1065 969 Weight 2.7 - 2.11 oz Weight 2.8 2.12 oz 6. Kookaburra Dynasty Pro Players LE Natural Lightweight Discount Export 8. Puma evoPOWER 1 SE White Edition 16 Natural Hand Crafted Discount Export Premium top grade selected Willow Unique new power bat handcrafted to perfection Mid to lower sweetspot traditional profile Beautifully rounded edges and blade Super spine up to 64 mm lightly bowed Easy pick-up & balance Well priced Classic feel and looks Designed to be the best of the very best Boutique Power bat Sculptured to perfection from the finest English Willow Massive player profile for power players Imposing extended full back profile aggressive Squarer swell of blade & stunning edges Higher middle swell the perfect profile Uncompromising performance Standard Mens SH Long Blade 800 725 660 Mens Short Handle Long Blade 800 695 632 Weight 2.6 2. 10 oz Weight 2.9 2.13 oz All The Elite bats are factory hand picked & will be prepared by us yet again 11 Gray-Nicolls Bats 9 12 15 10 11 14 13 9. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1200 Natural Peter Nevill & Shaun Marsh Discount Export 12. Gray-Nicolls Omega 800 Natural FITTED TOE Weight 2.6 2.10 oz Discount Export Endorsed by Peter Nevill and Shaun Marsh Gray-Nicolls flagship international model Grade 1 Powercurve blade enhances feel of stroke play Mid profile even bow big edges & easy pick-up Top looks for an almost perfect Test bat Our best seller last season. Sheer value & quality Perfect lightness pick-up & balance Great buy for the classic young cricketer Super middle ping super profile & edges Enhances stroke play mid profile Standard Mens SH Long Blade 375 350 319 Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade 600 575 Discount 522 13. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow 750 Ready Play FITTED TOE Weight 2.7 2.11 oz Discount Weight 2.6 2.10 oz 10. Gray-Nicolls Prestige Lightweight Export Natural Crafted by Stuart Kranzbuhler Heritage good looks traditional design Selected two-tone Willow to perform at any level Longer exaggerated bow mid to lower profile Perfect combination of profile nice edges Slightly flatter face to enhance rebound and control Shoulder to toe menacing looks solid to the core bat 350 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 300 Discount 273 Export Pure natural easy light pick-up and balance Even grain Even bow big edges Powercurve mid profile 14. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 650 ready Play FITTED TOE Weight 2.9 2.13 oz Standard Mens SH Long Blade 500 465 423 Weight 2.7 2.11 oz 11. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 850 Natural Discount Export Replica lower grade model of G-N top bats Still a fearsome bat as per the top end model Ready to play with its 70 mm peak creating fearsome looks & awesome power Economy at its best Standard Mens SH Long Blade 275 245 Discount 223 Export Replica of Elite Models 70 mm spine Lighter pick-up than the heavier 80 mm model Crafted to perfection with all the XP 80 features Massive spine edges even bow Powercurve blade Priced to sell with its incredible peak A weapon in your hand 15. Gray-Nicolls Omega Superblade ready Play ANTI-SCruFF SLEEvE Sensational individual or club bat Durable ready-to-play quality bat Great middle great pick-up & balance Mid range power hitter 200 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 400 385 350 Weight 2.9 2.13 oz Standard Mens SH only 175 159 12 Please see Page 14 for More G-N Kaboom & Elite Selections r e me mbe r... we spe nd t ime knocking-in your bat s.... Fr ee 16 19 17 20 18 21 22 23 JUNIO R 16. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1500 Natural FITTED TOE Light weight TEST Discount Export JUNIO R 20. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 Super Blade ready Play FITTED TOE Discount Export The endorsed and preferred bat of Shaun Marsh and Peter Nevill Flagship junior bat from Gray-Nicolls Picked by Kingsgrove Sports as one of the best available due to its perfect lightness pick-up & balance plus looks Magnificent profile & ping Small Mens Harrow R JUNIO 375 335 Replica junior English Willow match bat Quality bat at a super price high peak design Ready to go with anti-scuff sleeve & toe High profile light pick-up & balance Powercurve enhances stroke play 305 Harrow Size 6 5 4 JUNIO R 175 145 132 17. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 1200 Natural Replica junior model of G-N top bats High profile & frightening peak Powercurve even bow magnificent finish Power model for good players in junior cricket 21. Gray-Nicolls e41 500 e41 380 Two very special Junior English Willow match bats Both bats in limited supply at a very special price Powerful to the core big edges & great swell Never to be repeated prices for quality bats Special Small Mens Harrow Size 6 JUNIO R 350 285 Discount 260 e41 500 - Sizes 4 3 2 e41 380 - Sizes Harrow 6 5 only R JUNIO 125 90 Grade 1 Discount 82 18. Gray-Nicolls Kaboom International ready Play FITTED TOE Export 22. Gray-Nicolls Kaboom Warner 31 ready Play Kashmir Willow Bat designed as tribute to Australia s top hitter Ready to play high quality Warner model Premier Kashmir Willow match bat Sensational value for junior profiled model Absolute top seller great looks Export A creation of the mercurial David Warner Sure to impress with its updated cosmetics menacing lower profile even bow & big edges Amazing quality power craftsmanship & pick-up ACCU-DRIVE flat face enhances control & rebound Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 JUNIO R 275 245 223 Harrow Size 6 5 4 3 JUNIO R 125 95 Discount 87 Export 19. Gray-Nicolls Omega 950 Natural FITTED TOE 23. Gray-Nicolls Omega Strike ready Play Kashmir Willow Following in the design of the Gray-Nicolls flagship model Our very best seller last season English Willow match bat of sheer class and quality Top shelf price for an easy pick-up & balance Great profile & edges Economy ready to play Kashmir Willow entry level bat Protected with sleeve & fitted toe Exciting new design & feel Tough & durable club or school model Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 225 195 178 Harrow Size 6 5 4 Size 3 2 1 0 60 50 55 46 75 All bats include Free knock-in service from us 13 Special O F F e r Buy any 5 Legend items together for 10% DiSCOuNT Legend Range b c Ta Ra e eT dL R n ha Le CrA il fr fted liSh W enG 100 x 40 x 40 cm d en eg n e L s O Th ive L 24. Gray-Nicolls Legend Bat The best of 25 clefts of Willow e siv as ty m ti p L y Q u a n CiAl im e d s y SP ite ver OW Om Lim l 25 . Gray-Nicolls 50 Plus Bat Natural 27. Gray-Nicolls Legend Super flex construction with 33 splits for sheer comfort & flexibility Test players specifications Size Mens 165 Export 150 International Was 190 28. Gray-Nicolls Legend Pads Mid-Profile Players shape Light to medium weight Has the lot - bow strike power & hi-tech finish Mens SH and Long Blade This is a big bat handcrafted in Australia Minimum 50mm edges weighing 3lb & over Not for the faint hearted Frighteningly powerful Mens SH and Long Blade 26. Gray-Nicolls Legend Gold Wheel Bag The Complete Pro bag Up to 5 pockets Traditional cane Knee pocket with GelZone Test players specifications Created for protection and comfort Size Mens 995 Export 905 Was 1100 865 Export 787 Was 900 275 Export 250 Was 300 195 Was 245 Exp. 177.30 29. Gray-Nicolls Legend Gold WK Gloves Classic Test match quality 30. Gray-Nicolls Legend Thigh Pad 31. Gray-Nicolls Legend Gold WK Pad Kangaroo Leather Size Mens Test Match quality Total leather Size Mens Unique contoured style Super lightweight Size Mens 225 Exp. 204.55 60 125 Exp. 54.55 Exp. 113.65 Specialist range DaviD WarNEr Bat exact Model G-N retro Bats DaviD hooKES MoDEl DaviD GoWEr MoDEl iaN ChaPPEll MoDEl DaviD WarNEr rEPliCa Bat ready Play GrEG ChaPPEll MoDEl 2.8 2.12 oz Supreme Pick-up - Modern Standard 2.8 2.12 oz Beaut Balance - rounded Profile 2.8 2.12 oz huge edges - Modern Standards 32 33 34 35 36 2.8 2.12 oz Iconic Model - Modern Standard 2.8 2.11 oz Low profile - Massive edges Freakish swell & edges 2.13 oz 37 Was 875 815 Exp. 741 Was 325 285 Exp. 260 34. G-N 100 Scoop Retro Natural All Gray-Nicolls Retro Bats 285 35. Gray-Nicolls Dual Scoop 36. G-N Powerspot Heritage 37. Gray-Nicolls 4 Scoop Export 260 32. G-N Kaboom D.W. Player Edition 33. G-N Kaboom Warner 31 14 Size Mens SH Biggest of the best Size Mens SH High Quality value Size Mens SH Single Scoop Size Mens SH Size Mens SH Fuller Profile Size Mens SH 4 Scoop Technology H and C ra f t e d By JOSH GAVAN JPGavan Bats Discount Export 38. JPGavan Professional Plus From our own bat repair doctor Josh Gavan Ultra-light super grain model Top quality Grade 1 English Willow Top apex swell for better middle Lightly bowed Standard Mens SH 700 600 Discount 546 Export 39. JPGavan little ripper le Another Grade 1 model super grain bat Weighted 2 l b 7-10 oz for the light bat lovers Oval shaped handle light bow mid to high sweetspot Standard Mens SH 500 400 Discount 364 Export 40. JPGavan Stroke 38 39 40 GRade 1 Kashmir Willow See and believe what this bat is like and what it can do Medium Sub-Continental bow over 50mm edges Massive profile for heavy hitters from 2 l b 10 oz Standard Mens SH 200 125 114 Our own In H ouse Bat r epair Division Kingsgrove Sports Bat Repairs GST Included Postage Extra extra Major repair F Total & complete repair to an old bat as follows New handle & grip Clean & sand total bat Graft & bind Fibertec or resleeve & repair full or half blade Re-shape & harden toe 150 80 70 90 85 70 90 45 50 60 25 35 20 40 11 11 62 Major repair F Replace with new handle and grip (No Labels) F Full clean and sand front and back of blade Wax Buff as new but without new labels F Reduce weight Rebalance Concave back (optional) Full clean F Repair full blade Fibertec or resleeve Re-shape Harden toe F Repair half blade Fibertec or resleeve Re-shape Harden toe Buffing handle Binding F Major grafting Fibertec or resleeve Bind Harden toe Medium repair F Repair rebind and re-glue handle (clicking noise) F Repair toe Re-shape Harden toe F Repair 1 4 blade Fibertec or resleeve Harden toe Minor repair F Remove old sleeve and replace with new sleeve (Resleeve) Plus Clean Sand and Buff F Rebind handle including New grip F Shrink wrap bat or Replace Rubber Toe Cutting handle handle Shaping Bat Knocking-in F Oil and bat Knock-in only F Bat Rolled only F Bat Sleeved only IF BAT IS NOT PUrCHASeD AT KINGSGrOVe SPOrTS F Full knock-in (Roll Oil Knock-in) plus sleeve (7 days) Bat Knocked-in Free (excluding Sleeve) if purchased at Kingsgrove Sports Crack in Toe Hard Toe with Fibretec repairs to Protectives F Reface WK Gloves Clean Add New pinhead rubber F Replace D ring on batting pads (buckle or strap) recommend Hard Toe as in next picture to prevent water damage & further cracking Fibretec is recommended when cracking goes from toe up the blade to extend the life of the bat 85 20 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 15 Kookaburra Bats 42 41 46 50 43 47 41. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro 1500 Usman Khawaja Model Natural Iconic bat Discount Export 44. Kookaburra Epic Pro Lite Ready Play Fitted toe Exclusive model available to Kingsgrove stores only Specially selected match willow crafted just for us Our specifications rounded edges great ping Bowed fuller blade zig zag grip special labels Easy balance and pick up 450 Exclusive Discount Export A Kooka range is not complete without a Kahuna Classic Kooka shape now used by the dynamic Usman Khawaja Now fine-tuned to meet the modern day profile Mid blade summit with decent edges & fuller back Dynamic power with super spine and easy balance Standard Mens SH Long Blade 575 535 Discount 487 Weight 2.8 2.11 oz Standard Mens SH Long Blade 345 Discount 314 bats) 42. Kookaburra Onyx Pro 1250 Natural Fitted toe The choice of Glenn Maxwell Aggressive bold mid profile with big edges Crafted for impact with its super spine Flat power face for fearsome hitters Premier weight distribution technology Export Weight 2.6 2.9 oz (lightweight 45. Kookaburra Dynasty Pro 950 Ready Play Fitted toe Exclusive Export Standard Mens SH only 525 465 423 Nice lighter model due to slight concaving Rounded edges lower to mid sweetspot Easy balance perfect economy match model Perfect combination of profile nice edges Slightly flatter face to enhance rebound & control Shoulder to toe menacing looks solid to the core bat Weight 2.8 2.12 oz Standard Mens SH Long Blade 285 260 43. Kookaburra Ghost Pro 1000 Ready Play Fitted toe Exclusive model to Kingsgrove stores only A special priced match bat limited to 100 only Lightly bowed fuller blade aggressive profile Player profile decent edges super spine All round good looks to be a big seller 500 Discount Exclusive Weight 2.7 2.10 oz 46. Kookaburra Onyx Pro 900 Ready Play Fitted toe Model as used by The Big Show Glen Maxwell Ready to play Club School model durable & tough Pro shield sleeved English Willow heavy hitter Impact model with even bow & despicable edges No limit no-nonsense model super value Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade 415 379 to mid weight) Standard Mens SH 200 175 160 Weight 2.7 2.11 oz (light Weight 2.7 2.12 oz 16 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 All K ook aburra bat s c ome wi t h Pro t e c t ed Toe Hand-picked range free knock-in and bat rolled if purchased from Kingsgrove Sports 44 45 48 49 51 JUNIO R 47. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Players 1 LE Natural Fitted toe Discount Export JUNIO R 50. Kookaburra Onyx Pro 900 Ready Play EnGLiSh WiLLOW Discount Export New junior test model spearheading Kooka range Rounded maximum edges with dynamic hitting zone Mid profile crafted to perfection with fuller spine Great all round cricket bat as in senior models Perfect for the best juniors Small Mens Harrow Size 6 R JUNIO 325 315 Discount 287 Economy entry level English Willow Match bat Model as used by The Big Show Glenn Maxwell Solid Pro Shield protection on tough model Perfect for Club School or individual Match bat Mid-profile & generates great power Great value & performance Harrow Size 6 5 4 3 JUNIO R 150 135 123 48. Kookaburra Dynasty Pro 1200 Natural Fitted toe Export 51. Kookaburra Dynasty Pro 500 Ready Play KaShmir WiLLOW Special Fitted toe Another new premier grade English willow match bat Lighter model with unique easy pick up Mid to lower sweetspot traditional profile More rounded edges plus a super spine Cool looks and balance Ready to go starter model match bat Great entry level model for clubs and schools Ready Play with Pro Shield protection sleeve Light easy pick up for juniors down the range of sizes Small Mens Harrow Size 6 JUNIO R 250 225 Discount 205 49. Kookaburra Senator KS40 Ready Play Fitted toe Exclusive Mens Short Handle ( Dad s Practice Bat ) Harrow Size 6 5 4 Size 3 2 1 85 Export 80 60 50 78 55 46 Exclusive English willow match bat for our stores only Our own specifications crafted to perfection Sleeved Ready to Play with fitted toe Classic sculptured design to create power Easy balance and pick up 225 See Pages 8 and 9 for Massive specials Sm. Mens Harrow Size 6 5 4 175 160 from Kookaburra and others bats Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 17 Gunn & Moore Bats 52 55 53 54 58 52. Gunn & moore Phase F4.5 DXm 909 Pro Ready Play Yes an Australian only model for Australians High swell extensive Powerarc sweetspot Prime English willow shoulder to toe profile Frightening edges and middle fuller back profile Typical GM finish and quality 840 Discount New Export 55. Gunn & moore Phase F4.5 DXm 606 Ready Play T T Now A product made for Australia only Higher swell with extensive Powerarc middle Shoulder to toe classic top end design Good full back profile to suit Australia Typical high GM craftsmanship and finish 510 Discount New Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade 645 Discount 587 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 385 Discount 350 53. Gunn & moore mana F4.5 DXm 808 Ready Play New high value British made match bat Substantial edges at drive zone Usual high quality GM English willow Engineered power and performance 780 New Export 56. Gunn & moore mogul F4.5 DXm 404 Natural Export Famous Mogul shape top selling popular design Contoured edges extended sweetspot Typical good quality GM bat Outstanding feel and value for money 270 Limited Stock Standard Mens SH Long Blade 585 Discount 532 Standard Mens Short Handle 235 Discount 214 54. Gunn & moore Paragon F4.5 DXm 808 Natural Seriously substantial classy match bat Engineered for a lighter swing weight Popular curved face design Slightly concaved profile for lighter pick up Super price 750 New Export 57. Gunn & moore mana F4.5 DXm Original Ready Play Factory PrePared Export Absolutely the Rolls Royce of junior bats British made marvel dynamic upmarket model Engineered for power and performance at drive zone Shoulder to toe weight distribution Typical GM quality finish 620 Standard Mens Short Handle 525 478 Academy (Small Mens) Harrow 450 410 18 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 fantast ic range of e nglish se le c t ed bat s are spe c i fic ally supplied to us free Knock-in and roll if purchased at Kingsgrove Sports Normal Cost 51 57 56 59 JUNIO R 58. Gunn & moore Paragon F4.5 DXm 606 Ready Play Factory PrePared Discount Export JUNIO R 59. Gunn & moore mogul F4.5 DXm 404 Ready Play Factory PrePared Discount Export Super junior match bat prime English willow Extensive swell to create great profile Engineered for lighter swing weight Beautiful finish to a high quality product Substantial contoured edges Ready for match play now & ToeTek English Willow match bat Perfect easy pick-up with great balance Flowing Powerarc edges & bow Outstanding feel and control Academy (Small Mens) Harrow Size 6 5 460 340 285 250 310 260 228 Harrow Size 6 5 4 3 250 150 137 Grip Grip Strips Roll from Kookaburra Keeps youR GRip seCuRe and The most innovative product to hit the cricket market in the past 10 years pRevents it RidinG up one Roll 20 4 GRip GRip stRips 10 No more Grip movement or riding up - Do not need any Bat tape Apply two strips of Grip Grip on the top and bottom of your handle 1x Roll of GRip GRip Can be used foR 7 bats oR moRe 19 The classic range from the Sub-Continent New Balance Range 60 61 62 63 64 65 60. new Balance TC 1260 Natural Aaron Finch Model Discount Export SENIO R 63. new Balance DC 680 JUNIO R Snr & Jnr MODELS Discount New Export Natural Steve Smith Model Selected high quality Grade 3 Willow Beaut handcrafted bat in the New Balance range Middle to lower sweetspot quality finish Typical DC large edges & big hitting zone Affordable match bat in mainly lighter weights Dynamic creation for the power player As endorsed and used by Aaron Finch Crafted fuller profile with great mid swell and edges Aggressive profile maximum edges maximum power Quality Test Grade 1 Willow bat Standard Mens SH only 775 725 Discount 660 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 435 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 (Grade-2) SENIO R JUNIO R 395 245 Discount 360 223 61. new Balance DC 1080 Natural Steve Smith Model As per our Aussie Captain s bat still Grade 1 Handcrafted Test bat dynamic top seller Aggressive profile as our Test Captain would use Slightly oval handle lower swell large edges Maximum power bat with nice pick-up & balance Export 64. new Balance DC 580 SEniOr & JuniOr MODELS Export Natural Steve Smith Model Economy English Willow match bat for seniors & juniors in the SS mould Crafted with mid to low swell & decent edges Perfect starters model yet match effective Standard Mens SH only SENIO R JUNIO R 775 725 Discount 660 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 300 45 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 4 JUNIO R 275 145 Discount 250 132 62. new Balance DC 880 Natural Steve Smith Replica SEniOr & JuniOr MODELS Export 65. new Balance DC 380 Kashmir Willow Ready Play Steve Smith Model Export Exactly as the above 1080 bat but in Grade 2 Handcrafted bat good enough for top match cricket For aggressive batters powerful profile Muscled up model lower swell large edges Standard Mens SH Long Blade 565 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 (Grade-1) 535 350 487 319 Economy starters model ready to play Modelled on Steve Smith s bat Great finish tough & durable Match fit Club School or individual model Harrow Size 6 5 4 3 2 80 70 64 20 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports Ne w Bala nc e - Tra di t ion & C lass e ath Le d ium m te Pre entila V r mf Co ort Plu s l iona dit on Ad cti te Pro Mens Mens Small Mens Mens Small Mens Youth Boys 140 150 exp. 127.30 100 110 Test Grade Premium sheepskin Total protection split finger exp. 90.90 75 80 exp. 68.20 66. new Balance DC 1080 Our Captain s Test Glove Highest grade international standard lue tr en e y L vel 67. new Balance DC 880 68. new Balance TC 660 High grade stretchable sheep leather All the trimmings of a good glove tt de Wa el od Va Ma M M ens Y th Boys Sm . Boys Y th Boys Sm . Boys M ens 60 70 exp. 54.55 45 50 exp. 40.90 165 185 exp. 150 yle St nd Ba d n eat t Ba Sw is Wa M ens Youth 50 55 exp. 44.45 69. new Balance DC 580 Excellent comfort & protection 2 splits for flexibility 70. new Balance DC 380 Square finger entry level glove Good economy and protection 71. new Balance TC 1260 WK Glove International standard WK Glove 72. new Balance Body Protect-Pad Set High quality double fit Aaron finch International Model Steve Smith replica Value Match Pad Mens Mens Mens m. Mens S 165 185 exp. 150 140 150 Steve Smith replica Flat foam Test lite pad exp. 127.30 120 130 exp. 109.10 60 70 6-bar dual side-wing Well priced match pad exp. 54.55 73. new Balance TC 1260 Bamboo fronted protection International standard excellent fit 74. new Balance DC 880 75. new Balance DC 680 Steve Smith flat foam lite Top class match protection 76. new Balance DC 480 Dual r H or L H M ens Y th Boys Sm . Boys 21 Puma Bats Hand-picked range free knock-in & bat rolled if purchased from Kingsgrove Sports 77 79 81 78 80 77. Puma evoSPEED McCullum 302 16 Natural Also used by Mitch Marsh The bat endorsed and used by the game s big hitters Aggressive shape beautifully sculptured Destructive edges with superior swell & sweetspot Contoured perfection from shoulder to toe profile Super finish good looks & easy but solid pick-up 700 80. Puma evoPOWER LW Black Edition Natural L ight W eight FiTTeD Toe Exclusive New 228 Exclusive to Kingsgrove Sports stores 70 handpicked bats only Excellent quality special light weight design Higher to mid sweetspot and swell Enhanced Puma edges superior finish good power Match bat superbly priced super value. Game on 350 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 625 Discount 569 Standard Mens SH Long Blade 250 Discount 78. Puma evoPOWER 2 SE Black Edition Natural Export 81. Puma evoSPEED 5 Ready Play SLeeveD Toe Perfect Club School or starters match bat Special blade profile tough and durable Ready to play with huge hitting zone and power Puma high performance product English Willow special. Superbly priced 250 Special Export Will be a leading seller super design Winning price for a superior Grade II Test bat Enhanced responsive sculptured full shape provides chunky profile and power ping Optimum balance with flowing edges Maximum hitting zone Standard Mens SH Long Blade 400 365 Discount 332 Standard Mens Short Handle only 200 182 79. Puma evoSPEED 3 16 McCullum Model Ready Play SLeeveD Toe Export Designed as per our top end McCullum model As destructive and devastating as the above We have 40 of these fuller shaped chunky player style bats Impressive ping pick-up & balance Well priced great value 350 Standard Mens Short Handle only 285 260 22 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 e xc lusive ly ha ndc raf t ed t o our own spe c i fic at ions at fac t ory le ve l 82 83 85 JUNIO R 82. Puma evoPOWER 1.5 White Edition 16 Natural Fitted toe Discount Export JUNIO R 84. Puma evoSPEED 5.5 EngLiSh WiLLOW Ready Play SLeeveD Toe Discount Export Boutique Rolls Royce model from Puma All class perfect finish & power to burn Destructive aggressive design super craftsmanship Superior edges powerful middle cool good looks Impressive junior Test standard bat Known to be the best English Willow match bat on a hot special Perfect starters match model Typical Puma quality finish with class Impressive looks dynamic edges & swell Powerful middle great sweetspot Small Mens Harrow J U N I OR 400 350 319 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 Size 4 3 ( SPECiaL ) JUNIO R 250 155 90 Discount 141 82 83. Puma evoSPEED 1.5 16 Ready Play SLeeveD Toe Discount Export 85 . Puma evoSPEED 6.5 KaShMiR WiLLOW Ready Play SLeeveD Toe Export Grade One junior Match bat beautifully crafted Used and endorsed by the game s two biggest hitters McCullum & Aussie Mitch Marsh Destructive edges superior sweetspot cool looks Contoured perfection from shoulder to toe Absolute match bat of sheer class New entry level quality Kashmir Willow bat Great profile replica of English Willow bats Ready to use strong & durable sleeved bat Perfect Club School or individual entry match bat Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 300 250 Harrow Size 6 5 4 Size 3 2 1 228 60 55 55 50 Ba t s from us hased purc ed-in Knock e fr e 1 day 2- 6 day hand knocked-in daily with smooth wooden mallet concentrating on edges and toe 3- 6 day Bat is hand rolled daily on light hand roller to toughen up your bat Your bat is lightly machine rolled to ensure just enough hardening of the blade to assist against severe denting. Then Oiled Other Bats Knocked-in 40 Bat rolled 11 Bat Sleeved 11 Kingsport Protective Internationa l 86. Kingsport immortal International quality glove Superflex dexterity design Multiflex finger sections Provides 5 Star protection Perforated super soft palm Magic touch magic feel Top looks hard to beat U N IQU E C OL LE C T IO N ST U N N I NG QUA L I TY & C OMFOR T te s t Pad te s t Pad New Pad To Die For . . . Mens M ens Sm M e n s Youth M ens o SM Yth Sm M e ns 90 120 exp. 81.80 125 91. Kingsport The Zone Vintage P2D4 Pad to Die For Absolute Marvel Totally hi-tech international pad Super ultra-modern protection used by The Pros 87. Kingsport The Zone Vintage Magnificent rounded finger Vintage model Pro-players Test glove International quality & ultra-great fitting design what Pros want exp. 113.65 110 exp. 100 175 150 92. Kingsport The Zone noble Willow New improved design Sensational Test quality and looks Absolute protection super fit c H i Te Mens 110 80 Classy Looks Value New exp. 72.75 Mens 88. Kingsport The Zone noble Willow Even better this year great new look International standard protection Total splits for sheer Test comfort Superb flexibility Now in Youth size Small Mens 35 50 Test match quality totally Premium protection & comfort for the best Mens mall Mens S Youth Boys exp. 31.80 60 90 93. Kingsport The Zone noble Willow exp. 54.55 94. Kingsport The Zone Epic Mens Sm Mens Youth Stylish match quality pad Great protection and super value All White with Silver lining 110 ee r 75 ic ag dua R l LH H exp. 68.20 SH M 89. Kingsport The Zone Classic Try it and you will feel protected & note the special comfort Stunning new looks & flexibility Split finger marvel Total match hi-tech design M ens Youth M ens Youth 30 40 30 40 Moulded light comfort Great protection practical Suitable for Men or Youth exp. 27.30 exp. 27.30 95. Kingsport ultralite Thigh Pad Moulded Test quality & classy Protection as good as any Alternative with innovation 96. Kingsport ultralite Chest Guard Mens Sm Mens Youth Boys 90 65 exp. 59.10 Special Gloves us rio er Se ll Se To p 90. Kingsport The Zone Epic All-time top seller Better this year with improved protection Great flexibility total comfort and class Magic feel amazing value Mens Sm Mens Youth Boys M ens Yth Mens Sm Mens Youth 40 55 exp. 36.40 75 110 exp. 68.20 80 55 97. Kingsport The Zone attitude 24 exp. 50 New quality economic match glove 12 super splits and soft fill for total flex & protection Fabulous price 98. Kingsport The Zone Deadly Boutique Test standard batting glove Multi-splits magic feel plus quality Test protection Sheer comfort and magic feel Kingsport Bats No more your second choice 99 101 102 103 104 105 Bat To Die For . . . 99. Kingsport The Zone Immortal LE Natural 100. Kingsport The Zone Deadly Discount Handcrafted under our serious specifications. Best of the best Shoulder to toe player profile our design Stunning looks Engineered for maximum power & extreme ping & brute force Iconic new bat 40 mm edges Easy pick up and balance Serious contender for Bat of the Year 850 103. Kingsport The Zone Big Mondy Export Natural For BIg hITTErs Discount Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade 675 Discount 614 Weight 2.8 2.11 oz Handcrafted big thunder blade Grade II Brute power Massive shoulder to toe profile The Enforcer Frightening power packed weapon. Stays hit Destructive swell for a strong hitter Bowed Sub-Continental muscled-up bat Standard Mens SH Long Blade 475 375 Discount 341 Weight 2.13 2.15 oz 101. Kingsport The Zone Vintage B2D4 Laser embLems Natural sEnIor & JunIor Bat to Die For (B2D4) - heritage looks Flagship top seller Limited Edition Massive player profile obscene swell power plus Despicable edges with monster middle Total Test model now an institution 750 Export 104. Kingsport The Zone Attitude Natural sEnIor Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade Small Mens Harrow Size 6 525 250 Discount 478 228 Super light balanced quality match bat Magic ping & with sensational new profile with nice edges Designed to our own specifications Magical cosmetics & lightly bowed to perfection Handcrafted sensational top seller Standard Mens SH Long Blade 400 295 Discount 269 Weight 2.7 2.11 oz 105. Kingsport The Zone Attitude Natural JunIor english Willow Weight 2.6 2.10 oz Export 102. Kingsport The Zone Noble Willow muscLed up Natural Hand Crafted Export Superior match bat muscled-up and improved for 2016 -17 You will love the fearsome new profile Player shape full meaty imposing swell Monster edges monster middle Stunning good looks and hitting zone Outstanding pick-up & balance Super light English Willow Junior match bat Our design perfected for junior cricket Top Match model Super easy pick-up and balance as per senior model Modern design eye catching good looks Standard Mens SH Long Blade 575 445 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 Size 4 3 ( Small Boys ) Sp e c i a l p r i c e 405 155 100 141 91 Weight 2.8 2.11 oz Kingsgrove Sports Partnering with Supporing Origin Grand Cricket Australia 25 Buy bat from us and get free Knock-in Oil & roll Service 106. Spartan hurricane 5.0 Natural Joe Burns Model 106 110 107 Weapon of choice of our Test opener Joe Burns Best quality English Willow with player profile Balanced with mid-range full body & edges All over performance explosive power Discount Export Standard Mens SH Long Blade 635 585 Discount 532 Export 107. Spartan Steel 216 Natural Eoin Morgan Model Optimal opportunity to own an Eoin Morgan replica Modern super blade slight bow curved face Thick edges perfectly weighted modern looks Light pick-up expertly crafted Grade 1 English Willow with a top price Standard Mens SH Long Blade 485 445 Discount 405 Export 108. Spartan Boss Force Natural Chris Gayle Model Designed to handle explosive Chris Gayle type power The Boss is perfectly suited to Limited Over cricket Thick edges massive sweetspot Rounded handle pre-knocked in rubber toe guard Standard Mens Short Handle only R JUNIO 375 345 Discount 314 Export 109. Spartan mC Legacy LE LiMiTeD eDiTioN The legacy of the Pup lives on through this bat Top Grade 1 beautifully crafted bat for juniors Maximum edges toe to shoulder profile Absolute top looks combined with explosive power 108 109 111 Small Mens Harrow Size 6 JUNIO R 325 295 Discount 269 Export 110. Spartan hurricane 5.0 Natural Joe Burns Model Beautifully crafted top grade junior Match bat Designed for powerful & dominating stroke play Imposing balanced with mid-profile full shape All over performance & power Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 JUNIO R 235 220 Discount 200 Export 111. Spartan Legacy Pup KASHMiR WiLLoW Entry level Spartan bat maintaining the Pup s legacy Kashmir Willow crafted for junior starters Durable Club School bat or individual match use Ready to play Harrow Size 6 5 4 3 2 1 60 55 SPaRtaN Super Special English Willow Junior Bats SP1 SP2 JUNIO R SP1. Spartan mC 1000 Junior Natural Ready Play MatCH Super Value Super Looks Ready to play Match bat Fabulous English Willow Top-end Junior GRADE level model Perfect individual or Club School hand crafted bat Powerful middle classic edges great profile Discount Export SP e C I A L P r I C e 175 JUNioR Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 4 JUNIO R 135 123 SP2. Spartan X Series Junior Ready Play MatCH eNGLiSH WiLLoW Level 3 - Entry level English Willow Match bat Ready to play Super Special Sub-continental profile Excellent silky light pick-up and balance SuPer SP e C I A L 150 JUNioR Harrow Size 6 5 4 85 78 26 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 SS (Sunridges) SF (Stanford) Range Free Knock-in & roll if purchased at Kingsgrove Sports Hand Selected direct from the Manufacturer Discount 112. SS Ton Player Edition Export Super Grade 1 English Willow Test bat Sculptured perfection Used by some of the world s best players worldwide Awesome profiled massive edges and super centre Sub-Continental marvel best of the best Latest player profile with fantastic pick-up Std Mens SH Long Blade 1000 675 Discount M ens 614 Export 80 120. SS Ton Limited Edition Absolute Test Model exp. 72.75 113. SS master 7000 Natural Superior top shelf match bat Eye catching weapon Enhanced substantial sweetspot Sten gun middle Crafted to perfection ultimate player profile Elongated swell middle & edges to die for Std Mens SH Long Blade 600 465 Discount 423 Export 114. SS Ton Gutsy 112 113 M ens Premium match English Willow bat Sculptured muscle Sub-Continental lightly bowed design Explosive power Massive edges typical of the Ton range Shoulder to toe swell Powerful middle with nice balance Pride of Indian craftsmanship 75 121. SS Ton Millennium Pro Test Model - Multi Split exp. 68.20 Std Mens SH Long Blade 450 365 Discount 332 Export 115. SS Ton Elite English Willow match bat Power to burne Typical class Indian profile & edges Great swell of blade Easy pick-up for good balance & power Serious ping Substantial edges & sweetspot Std Mens Short Handle JUNIO R 325 235 Discount 214 Export M ens Sm M e n s 116. SS Ton Junior Player Edition Top grade junior Test bat Player profiled massive edges Sweetspot worthy of a Test bat Easy pick-up & balance. Super value 110 122. SS Ton Test Opener Pad Absolute Test Model export 100 Small Mens Harrow 6 325 235 Discount 214 Export 114 115 116 117. SF reserve Edition Possibly one of the best Sub-Continental bats ever made Hi-Tech and innovative Big edged hitting zone Classic individual style a class of its own at a top price Poly-carbonate rods drilled through the blade for extra power and strength Higher to mid swell great pick-up & balance M ens 80 123. SF Triumph Batting glove International quality Std Mens SH Long Blade 1000 695 Discount 631 Export exp. 72..75 118. SF Triumph Natural Mahela Jayawardene Test ODI model Explosive middle Premium proven high class design Magic feel Middle to high hitting power zone Glorious edges muscled middle Easy pick-up & balance Std Mens SH Long Blade 665 565 Discount 514 Export 119. SF Power Bow Natural 117 118 119 Super English Willow Sub-Continental beauty Enhanced sweet spot Dynamic power bat unique profile & design Will be a top seller due to imposing looks feel & price Super ping devastating middle & edges Handsome looks and great quality M ens 125 exp. 113.65 Std Mens SH Long Blade 525 425 387 124. SF Triumph Batting Pad International quality Buy online . . . 27 Ca Sports MRF Bats THe BeST FRoM cRicKeT S SUB-coNTiNeNT 125. Ca TrD Big Bang or Ca Plus 15000 Natural Discount Extremely popular top shelf bat of international quality & class From the perfect Sub-continental design this bat radiates booming power Stunning middle & edges to excite top batters world wide Silky pick-up & balance Unbelievably good bats We always get quality bats from CA Standard Mens SH Long Blade 900 750 Discount 126. Ca Plus 12000 Natural Fitted toe Famous Sub-Continental design with superior grade English Willow Bats hand-picked for Kingsgrove Sports Power to burn with its big sweetspot & edges Explosive centre Nice flowing contoured bow Power bat for aggressive hitters Standard Mens SH Long Blade 695 500 Discount 125 126 127 127. Ca Plus Extra Power Ready Play Fitted toe This is generally a biggish power bat 2.10 oz plus Super edges extra swell in blade top ping Power centre Sub-Continental bow for aggressive hitting Ready to play sleeved with fitted toe Standard Mens SH Long Blade 425 325 Discount 128. Ca Gold 5000 Sub-Continental bowed super starters model Value beyond its price decent English Willow Typical CA chunky profile with quality edges and strike power Easy pick-up & balance a hitters bat Standard Mens SH Long Blade 245 175 Discount 129. mrF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli Range 128 129 Super stunner elegant and perfected for use by the mighty Virat Kohli Soon to be used by the great South African AB de Villiers Iconic bat in premium English Willow with international reputation Optimum balance exceptional craftsmanship sweet timer s bat Dynamic shoulder to toe profile Standard Mens SH 1350 875 Discount 130. MRF genius Limited Edition AB de Villiers Exactly as the above model replica bat of Kohli & de Villiers Carefully selected top grade English Willow limited numbers available Optimum balance swell edges and power Exceptional pick-up and craftsmanship Standard Mens SH Long Blade 685 585 Discount 131. mrF Weapon Natural Part of the Virat Kohli Range selected match bat Unique Sub-Continental design with the swell at spine flowing down to the toe Sub-Continental bow contoured edges great pick-up & balance Standard Mens SH Long Blade 400 345 Discount 132. mrF hunter Natural Modern yet traditional new-comer in English Willow Light pick-up and balance. Silky feel Extra compressed for more durability Thick edges & bowed to perfection Standard Mens Short Handle only 130 131 132 300 265 28 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 adidas Range Free Knock-in and roll if purchased at Kingsgrove Sports 133. adidas Pellara XT Natural EngLiSh WiLLOW The pinnacle of craftsmanship from selected English Willow For international players with an arsenal of cricket shots Powerful middle thick edges & balanced pick-up Audacious 3-D graphics for looks Sits at the top of the tree for elite class Export Standard Mens SH 775 685 623 Export 134. adidas Libro Elite Natural EngLiSh WiLLOW Aggressive Libro offers unrivalled balance playability power middle with light feel Excellent pick-up due to higher swell middle placement Asymmetric 3-stripe design & 3-D graphics adds to impressive profile Standard Mens SH 660 585 532 Export 135. adidas Pellara Pro Natural EngLiSh WiLLOW Blade is not lightly pressed for better ping & bigger profile Exciting new appeal for young players Top Grade II Willow gives top match performance Big hitting bat with a long power middle & stunning edges Std Mens SH Long Blade 550 495 450 Export 136. adidas Libro CXii Natural EngLiSh WiLLOW Perfect price great value with light feel & pick-up Will appeal to many batsmen in the modern game Great playability due to extended middle & shape Appealing looks in this feel good bat Std Mens SH Long Blade 395 350 319 Export 137a. adidas Pellara Club EnGLiSh WiLLOW Senior Junior 133 134 135 137a 137b JUNIO R 136 Top individual or Club bat for good match players Powerful to the core Sensational entry level match bat Std Mens SH Small Mens Harrow Size 6 5 300 175 273 160 Export 137b. adidas Pellara Pro EnGLiSh WiLLOW Junior As per Senior English Willow match bat An excellent top end bat for Juniors Cool looks Small Mens Harrow 300 275 250 Mens Mens Mens Sm . Mens 130 140 exp. 118.20 100 139 adidas SL22 Pro Batting Gloves Total Pro Gloves. Premium Grade Stunning looks and construction 110 exp. 90.90 80 90 exp. 72.75 138. adidas Vector Batting Gloves Brilliant high class international quality Flat foam square split finger design 140. adidas CXii Batting Gloves Top match gloves Square fingers with splits Mens Mens Sm . Mens 185 200 exp. 168.20 80 90 exp. 72.75 250 143. adidas Kit Bag Pro kit bag with the lot Heavy duty inner pockets 275 export 228 141. adidas Elite Batting Pads Total upmarket Test standard Light weight construction maximum protection 142. adidas Club Batting Pad Top bamboo fronted quality Excellent fit wrap around design & protection 100 x 40 x 40 cm Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 29 Individual or Club Buy Upmarket Value Classy Brands The Tricks Looks 3 Pairs Plus 10% Discount Club and Schools Buy 60 New 30 Club School New 144. Kingsport Club Special III Super entry point glove with split fingers Rounded soft PVC Leather palm Perfect junior or Club School glove Good looks and easy wear M ens Yth Boys Sm.Boys MiniBoys Joeys(XXS) 149. Puma Evospeed 4.2 Magical comfort & match value Ultra-lite comfort with two splits & soft fill-padding Square finger & superb value Featuring the incredibly cool new Tricks Look Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys XSBoys 22 Export 20 45 Exp. 40.90 New 40 Club School New 50 145. Kingsport Runlite III Super comfort ultralite square finger Junior Senior match glove Easy wear with one split for extra flexibility Leather palm 150. Kooka Senator KS40 Exclusive to Kingsgrove Sports Square finger match padding One set of splits for flexibility Premier mesh back and airflow Tough durable & long lasting Mens Yth Boys Sm.Boys Exclusive Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys MiniBoys 30 Exp. 27.30 40 Club School New 55 New Exp. 36.40 55 146. Kingsport Attitude II Great value glove Excellent padding & protection than most for price Soft feel & extra splits for protection & flexibility Great flat foam padding for extra comfort Cool looks Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys 151. Spartan Hurricane 1.0 Very effective square finger match value glove Special split finger comfort & match protection Good looks & trimmings Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys 40 Exp. 36.40 45 Exp. 40.90 New 40 Club School 65 147. Kooka Onyx Pro 500 Flat foam special entry level glove... with looks to match Premier mesh back and airflow that makes it a great club glove Great value for the protection it delivers Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys MiniBoys 152. Kookaburra Dynasty 800 Calf leather max air flow ventilation Flat foam with square finger design Match HD Protection with splits Premier mesh and airflow Cotton inside lining Mens Youth Boys 30 Exp. 27.30 50 Exp. 45.45 New 50 Club School New 65 148. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 650 Split fingers & thumb for sheer comfort Mesh ventilation system Air Flow gussets Deluxe lining with super finish Match protection Mens Yth Boys SmallBoys 153. Gray-Nicolls Kaboom Warner Square Finger A special high quality Warner glove that is exclusive to Kingsgrove Sports Similar cosmetics to last year with special square finger flat foam padding Top looks with comfort Mens Yth Boys SmallBoys Exclusive 40 Exp. 36.40 50 Exp. 45.45 30 F more high quality individual gloves on page 32 or Any Glove 10% Discount to official Club or Schools 3 Pairs Batting Gloves 90 3 Pairs 10% Discount 80 154. Kingsport The Zone Epic IV Our biggest selling glove ever Further improved with extra protection & stellar comfort Sheer magic feel & quality that goes beyond the price Simple but class to boot Mens SmallMens Youth Exclusive High Standards 159. Kingsport The Zone Classic Fresh new design stunning White Silver cosmetics Flexibility & level 4 protection top match quality Premium leather palm & outstanding hi-tech value Mens SmallMens Youth Boys 55 Export 50 65 Exp. 59.10 70 New Duroflex 85 Outstanding 155. Kooka Ghost Pro Players 2 A level grade 3 quality glove A classic all white attractive and well-padded match glove Super traditional style glove with great comfort Premier mesh and ventilation Mens Sm.Mens Youth Boys 160. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow 750 Outstanding 26 section pre-curved high density foam section padding Super flexi design pre-curved soft fill glove with excellent comfort & protection 5-Star lightness with high match quality Mens Youth Boys 55 Export 50 70 Exp. 63.65 70 85 Very Sharp looks 156. Gray-Nicolls Fusion 750 Absolute 4 star protection with 22 pre curved high density foam sections Exceptional protection with flexible comfort and a square finger design Airflow ventilation & the works Mens Youth Boys 161. Spartan Hurricane 3.0 Part of the new Joe Burns Range with great match quality Lightly rounded design with extra protection and soft fill padding Excellent lined comfort Level III Mens Youth 60 Exp. 54.55 75 Exp. 68.20 70 The Tricks Looks 90 Popular 157. Puma evoSPEED 3 Sensational dual tricks cosmetics Ultra soft premier leather match standard Pre-curved great value Fibre protection split square fingers for ultimate flexibility and comfort Mens Youth Boys 162. Adidas CX 11 Popular square finger Match glove Super price for such high level protection Superior feel durability comfort breathability The Lot Mens SmallMens 60 Exp. 54.55 80 Exp. 72.75 70 100 New Cosmetics 158. Gunn & Moore 606 Strong durable match glove Top protection PU rolls multi-section splits Soft fill comfort. Great value mid-range glove 163. Gunn & Moore 808 LE 5 star dealer glove new LE model Superior looks magic square finger match glove Multi-split flexibility & comfort Tough durable hi-density foam fibre protection Mens SmallMens Youth Mens Youth Boys 60 Exp. 54.55 80 Exp. 72.75 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 31 Alternative Major World Brands New M a g n i f i ce n t Pro Model Pro Player Mens Sm . Mens Youth Mens Mens 75 110 Exp. 68.20 80 110 Exp. 72.75 90 120 Exp. 81.80 164. Kingsport The Zone Noble Willow Magnificent international standards Extra comfort class beyond price & deadly looks Sheer hi-tech flexibility & multiple construction Old favourite improved design 165. Kingsport The Zone Vintage Dynamic looks & protection Rounded finger style caters to what international players prefer Traditional pre-curved with soft fill ultra grip plus 5 star protection Air Flow Ventilation 166. Kingsport Immortal Test standard glove with magnificent classy looks Multi-split sections provide solid 5 star protection plus flexibility Perforated leather palm for maximum grip Good Looks SP E C I A L P r I C E OSM Mens Mens Youth Mens Youth 80 110 Exp. 72.75 80 95 Exp. 72.75 85 100 Exp. 77.30 167. SF Triumph Test Player quality Fibre inserts in all fingers Amazing comfort & High density foam padding Modern flexible design & fit Great Value T r i ck s C o s m e t i cs 168. Gray-Nicolls Omega 950 Multi-section pre-curved construction Soft lining 169. Kookaburra Onyx 1250 Top shelf match glove with premier calf leather palm & 32 section design provides flexibility & protection Premier supple sheep leather palm with soft lining Flexibility Max flow ventilation with HDF protection Solid & durable in shark teeth style square finger intersections Sheer C lass Mens Mens Mens 90 110 Exp. 81.80 95 110 Exp. 86.40 100 110 Exp. 90.90 170. Puma evoSPEED 2 Ultra-cool premier leather PU construction Split finger multi-section design Includes finger protection with fibre inserts 171. MRF Warrior Not many to beat this top end glove for snug fit comfort & looks Sheep skin and leather plus PU finish Multi splits for absolute flexibility 172. Adidas SL22 Pro Stylish premium all levels top shelf glove High grade extra soft sheep leather Magnificent Adidas protection & class Batting Inners 5 Exp. 4.55 5 Exp. 4.55 5 Exp. 4.55 5 Exp. 4.55 173. Gray-Nicolls Full Finger Inners OSM Mens Youth Boys 174. Kookaburra Full Finger Inners Mens Youth Boys 175. Kooka Cut-A-way 1 2 Finger Inners Mens Yth Boys 176. G-N Cut-A-way 1 2 Finger Inners OSM Mens Yth Boys Old gloves... torn worn out or slippery can cost you your wicket S i m p l e Ad v ic e 32 1. Replace gloves when too old slippery and worn 2. Consider having a spare pair in your kit to change into through a long innings or if you play a lot of cricket 3. Purchase a spare pair for practice. Save your best for matches 4. Air your gloves after playing. Leave out until dry But not in extreme sunlight 10 177. Gray-Nicolls Players Exp. 9.10 Full finger upmarket batting inners Mens Youth Boys Distinctively upper class ... rolls royce Models Australia Only MichaelClarke s TEST GLOVE Batting Gloves New SP E C I A L P r I C E SP E C I A L P r I C E OS M Mens Mens Mens Sm . Mens 95 110 Exp. 86.40 100 135 Exp. 90.90 115 125 Exp. 104.55 178. Gunn & Moore Phase Pro Sensational new glove with top international 179. Spartan MC Limited Edition Ex-captain s glove on an absolute special Nothing left to chance high tech rounded sausage style test glove Has the Lot with premium everything & limited to just 50 pairs 180. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 1200 standard for Australia only Beautifully made with multi-splits Pre-curve soft fill with total comfort & flexibility Has the Lot Combination traditional pre-curved fingers with multiple high density foam sections Fibretec overlay on two leading fingers Super comfort air flow ventilation DavidWarner REpLica MOdEL New Mens Mens Mens 115 135 Exp. 104.55 120 140 125 140 Exp. 113.65 181. Kooka Dynasty Pro Players 182. Gunn & Moore Original Exp. 109.10 First class players quality glove level 5 protection Premium leather premium PU upper Max flo ventilation fibre inserts Shark teeth style flex points make for comfort & flexibility Leather Palm Iconic international glove that sees personal protection at its very best Calf leather palm & PU fronted Hi tech padding lightly rounded design Extra padding on leading fingers Perforated Palm 183. Gray-Nicolls Kaboom Signature Traditional pre-curved rounded finger Test glove Combination of soft fill lining fibre shield on leading fingers extra finger gel-tech Air flow gusset & dual sided sweatbands Mens Mens Mens 125 140 Exp. 113.65 130 140 Exp. 118.20 135 145 Exp. 122.75 184. Puma evoPower 1 SE White Edition International standard premier glove Sheepskin palm Multiple high grade finger splits Total protection outstanding looks & comfort Ultra soft lining & fibre inserts for extra protection Pre-bent fingers 185. Adidas Vector Possibly one of the best in the world Perforated 186. MRF Genius LE Supersoft sheep skin leather with total snug fit with magnificent comfort Pre-bent fibre tech protection in leading finger Absolute test quality protection that makes an ultra-superior glove to fit palm with optimum quality Highest grade material feel comfort and durability featuring pittard leather thumb and soft textures PU Impressive to the core Mens Mens Mens 145 165 Exp. 131.85 155 185 Exp. 140.90 165 200 Exp. 150 187. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1500 Magic pre-curved design moulded into your hands 31 sections with V splits & soft fill for superior comfort & flexibility Smart impact absorption & premier Pittards leather palm for superior grip 188. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Players LE The ultimate Test glove Fibre reinforced inserts for protection Premium Pittard cougar leather palm Ergonomically positioned flex points for unrestricted ease of movement Traditional rounded finger chambers 189. Gray-Nicolls Legend Super flex construction with 35 splits for sheer comfort & flexibility Pittards leather palm Fibretec shields on all fingers Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport 33 Individual or C lub Buy Club and Schools Buy C L U B S . . . B U L K D I S C O U N T O F 10 % Dual - RH LH Dual - RH LH To p I n d i v i d u a l P a d New Dual - RH LH Mens 40 Exp. 36.40 Mens 70 All Sizes Yth Boys M ini Boys Joeys Sm . Boys Mens Sm . M e ns Y th Boys Exp. 63.65 Boys Sm . Boys Youth 35 Exp. 31.85 50 Exp. 45.45 60 Exp. 54.55 60 Exp. 54.55 190. Kingsport Runlite IV Club dual PVC LH or RH Tough durable Club School light weight pad Junior pad in PVC PU Great looks & sturdy protection Dual - RH LH 55 ClubBulk 10% OFF 65 ClubBulk 10% OFF 191. Puma evoSPEED 4.2 Super anti-rebound padding Stylish & traditional match pad High standard Club or individual Super quality wrap around design model Dual LH or RH Cane fronted bamboo PU super protecMens Yth Boys Sm. Boys XSBoys tion All White classy cosmetics Dual - RH LH 192. Kingsport The Zone Epic 85 ClubBulk 10% OFF 80 193. Puma evoPOWER 3 MD Brilliant new moulded pad Ultra-light top protection Pre moulded Evo one piece foam Contoured for comfort Pad with a difference Special Save 35 Moulded Lite Traditional Yth Boys Sm . Boys Mens JUNI OR All Sizes Yth Boys Sm . Boys Mens Mens th Boys Y 45 Export Nx A 60 Exp. 54.55 60 Exp. 54.54 65 Exp. 59.10 80 Li m ited Stock 75 ClubBulk 10% OFF 75 85 194. Puma evoSPEED 5 & 7 Puma match pad limited stock to clear 2015-2016 season Super quality anti-rebound padding 195. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Attack Solid lightweight junior moulded pad Dual wing Vertical contour protection Unique 2-strap system Good looks & protection Yth Boys Sm.Boys ExtraSm.Boys Dual - RH LH 196. New Balance DC 480 Well priced dual RH LH match pad 6 bars with side-wing PU front vertical bolsters Good entry level match pad 197. Kooka Ghost Pro Plyaers 2 Solid match pro pad with Level 3 protection Traditional cane padding integral HDF thigh protection Enhanced wrap around shape retention Contoured knee roll & ergonomically shaped shin bolster Dual - RH LH SP E C I A L P r I C E Traditional Traditional Mens Mens Y th Boys Sm . Boys Y th Boys Sm . Boys Mens Mens Y th Boys Y th Boys 50 Exp. 45.45 50 Exp. 45.45 75 Exp. 68.20 75 Exp. 68.20 75 ClubBulk 10% OFF 65 ClubBulk 10% OFF 90 85 198. Kookaburra Raptor 850 Special price light-weight moulded pad Solid protection light design Protex knee & HDF shin bolsters 199. Gray-Nicolls Omega Strike New durable lightweight dual pad Excellent entry level match pad Foam & sponge protection Contoured vertical bolsters 200. Gray-Nicolls Kaboom Warner 31 Traditional cane front Easy wrap lightweight match pad Horizontal & vertical internal foam bolsters Top hat padding for extra comfort & protection 201. Spartan Hurricane 1.0 PU front high quality match mad Cane & flat foam padding for extra protection EVA quilted knee & vertical internal bolsters 34 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports for District or Top Level Cricket Check Club Page 49 Leg Guards Protection 4 Star FOR 3 PAIRS PLUS. . . ON ANY PADS International 5 Star OSM Mens Youth Mens Y th Boys Mens Sm . Mens Youth OSM Mens m. Mens S Youth 90 Exp. 81.85 95 Exp. 86.40 110 Exp. 100 110 Exp. 100 120 120 150 135 202. Kooka Dynasty Pro 1200 Pro-Players level 3 flat foam padded impact absorption Integral HDF thigh protection Micro-weight square HDF rods 203. Gunn & Moore 606 Traditional wrap around construction Match pad Curved top hat Interior bolster protection Triple vertical & knee bolster SP E C I A L P r I C E 204. Kingsport The Zone Noble Willow International protection easy wrap around design Traditional cane top class finish & handsome looks Contoured knee roll & pocket Shock Absorption 4 Star 205. Kooka Ghost Pro Plyaers 1 Top level traditional cane fronted quality pad 3 pc external knee roll vertical bolsters Enhanced shape retention The works International 5 Star Mens m. Mens S Youth Mens Youth OSM Mens Youth Mens 100 Exp. 90.90 110 Exp. 100 110 Exp. 100 125 Exp. 113.65 120 140 135 140 206. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow 750 4-Star quality traditional cane fronted pad Comfort Protection Zone reinforced moulded knee Easy fit wrap around & padded top hat SP E C I A L P r I C E 207. Puma evoSpeed 2 208. Gray-Nicolls Omega 950 209. SF (Stanford) Triumph Total high class traditional 7-bar cane protection Super knee roll construction & internal padding Total Test pad. Extra comfort & silky good looks Sculptured Perfection 5 Star First class protection & comfort 4-Star high quality pad Lightweight HD foam & cane construction Comfort Flat foam pre-moulded protection for protection zone & moulded knee classic outside padding pocket Super easy wrap around 3D flex knee roll contoured for perfect fit Genuine 4 Star Plus Mens m. Mens S Mens Mens Sm . Mens Sm . Mens Mens Sm. Mens Youth 90 Exp. 81.85 120 Exp. 109.10 125 Exp. 113.65 125 Exp. 113.65 125 130 140 175 210. Spartan MC 1000 Sensational high quality pad Imported top PU fronted with cane & flat foam Mesh instep & soft cushioned air mesh bolsters 5 star protection with the lot 211. New Balance DC 680 Based on Steve Smith top pad Flat foam light weight protection Easy fit decent match pad Good protection & quality material 212. Gunn & Moore 808 LE New Limited Edition 5 star dealership pad PU flat foam hi-tech protection Great looks superior material & super internal bolsters 213. Kingsport The Zone Vintage Totally hi-tech international pad Superbly padded for the best protection Great knee roll construction Vertical hi-tech internal bolsters Faultless looks Best buys . . . Choice Brands 35 Distinctively the rolls royce Models Fo r m e r C a p t s Test Pad 5 Star Level A Star Plus Comfort Leg Guards V i r a t Kh o l i 5 Star Mens Mens Mens Mens SP E C I A L P r I C E 125 Exp. 113.65 135 150 Exp. 122.75 140 150 Exp. 127.30 140 Exp. 127.30 155 Li m ited Stock 214. Spartan MC LimitedEdition International quality Quilted knee flexibility soft cushion air mesh bolsters extra strap tabs Extended bolsters cane & flat foam front & knee socket 215. Kooka Dynasty Pro Plyers LE Sleek light-weight Test pad Micro square HDF outer padding Contour internal & knee roll Treble tri-section shin bolsters Level 5 top class protection 216. New Balance 880 7-bar modern construction with cross link foam padding Vertical & horizontal bolsters for top grade padding High quality in the Steve Smith mould International 5 Star 217. MRF Genius Grand 155 As used by the classy India Captain 7-cane construction magical easy padding & movement Unique padded knee socket plus good flexibility Australia Only 5 Star Sculptured Fit 5 Star Professional 5 Star OS M Mens OS M Mens Mens Mens 145 Exp. 131.85 155 Exp. 140.90 165 Exp. 150 175 Exp. 159.10 218. Gunn & Moore Phase Pro Gunn & Moore Test pad for Australia only Top looks with cane front Wrap around comfort with terrific internal protection Traditional design Kookaburra s 6 Star 180 165 219. Gray-Nicolls XP 70 1200 Compact traditional HDF construction GelZone knee protection Fibretec inserts in bolsters Sculptured fit. Leg hugging butterfly straps C lassic L ooks 6 Star 220. New Balance TC 1260 As used by Aaron Finch Bamboo fronted internal protection Vertical & horizontal internal bolsters Superb wrap around fit & cushioned support C lassic L ooks 6 Star 185 221. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1500 Professional lightweight foam & cane construction Maximum shock absorption GelZone knee & fibretec inserts in bolsters Leg hugging unique design Class unit & materials 190 Mens Mens Mens Mens 175 222. Kooka Kahuna Pro Players LE Combination of cane & foam Micro lite HDF thigh protection with 3 pc external knee roll Tri-section shin bolsters Sheer magic wrap around & compact feel 200 Exp. 159.10 185 223. Adidas Elite 200 Exp. 168.20 195 224. Gunn & Moore Original LE Classic English marvel Cane fronted for easy comfort & wrap around Vertical bolsters Total Test protection of every possible feature 240 Exp. 177.30 175 225. Puma evoPOWER 1 SE White Edition Ultra light microfibre face with cane bars & high density low rebound foam facing 3D Foam Fit Knee construction padded straps Genuine leather instep 200 Exp. 159.10 Solid Test construction with classic looks & maximum protection Design as loved by the pros with angular top hat & sculptured side-wings 36 Distinctively Classy Pads Choice Brands Best in the world SE RIES The Regal Series SE RIES The Zone Vintage The Zone Epic III The Zone Noble Willow The Zone Classic Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports Wicket Keeping Gloves registered Club Schools 10% Discount 2 Pairs Kangaroo Leather 5 Star Peter Nevill Edition 5 Star 40 Years W.K. History 5 Star Youth 100 Exp. 90.90 Mens Mens Mens 225 250 Exp. 204.55 165 175 Exp. 150 145 165 Exp. 131.85 226. Gray-Nicolls Legend Gold The best of the best Supple kangaroo leather provides light feel flexibility durability & class High grade octopus dimpled rubber Ultra-soft comfort traditional exceptional grip Reinforced knuckles 227. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1500 PN As used by Aussie WK Peter Nevill Supple ultra-soft durable traditional Premium grade sheep leather Contoured comfortable fit with reinforced knuckles & fingertips to prevent wear Soft leather lined for ultra-comfort As used by greats such as Rod Marsh & Ian Healy Premium aniline sheep leather Unique Kookaburra catching cup Duo chrome octopus rubber Durable comfortable fit & normal protective patches 228. Kookaburra Pro 1000 Dynamic 5 Star Matty Wade 5 Star Peter Nevill Edition 5 Star Youth Mens Mens Mens 140 160 Exp. 127.30 165 185 Exp. 150 120 130 Exp. 109.10 229. Puma evoPower 1 Black Edition SE Adam Gilchrist would have loved this one Pure new dynamic construction & cosmetics Innovative construction enhanced fit 230. New Balance TC 1260 As used by Matthew Wade Solid classy durable craftsmanship International standard glove with aniline leather fingertip protection leather cuff & octopus rubber palm 231. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1200 PH Leather & PU provides supple but durable glove Traditional pimpled rubber for grip Reinforced knuckles & fingertips to help prevent wear Full sheep leather lining with towelling back for comfort Premium 4 Star TRicKs 4 Star Peter Nevill Replica 5 Star Youth 80 Mens Exp. 72.75 Yth Boys Mens Mens 100 120 Exp. 90.90 110 120 Exp. 100 70 80 Exp. 63.65 232. Kookaburra Pro 800 Premium calf leather glove with unique Kooka Catching cup padding Supagrip rubber for enhanced grip Durable fibre wear patches on fingers to help prevent wear 233. Puma evoSpeed 2 Tricks New 2-ways tricks cosmetics & cool looks Innovative 5-colour palm Pure super soft aniline leather PU light weight construction Superior palm grip & fingertip protection 234. Gray-Nicolls Omega 800 Supple PU glove with leather & towel lining for comfort & moisture absorption High grade traditional pimpled rubber facing for exceptional grip c L U B M odel cool Looks Tricks Exclusive Mens Mens Yth Boys Sm . Boys 60 Yth Boys Sm . Boys 65 O S M Mens Yth Boys Sm . Boys 50 45 Exp. 40.90 55 Exp. 50 40 Exp. 36.40 235. Kookaburra Pro 600 Great entry level match glove Calf leather Unique Kookaburra catching cup Aussie style short cuff design Durable & tough Light weight PU backhand Perfect junior senior entry level Club School or individual glove Cotton lined for comfort & flexibility Cool Tricks look 236. Puma evoSPEED 4 237. Gray-Nicolls Stumper Sleek new Club School individual glove Soft ultra flex & comfortable Cotton lined to absorb moisture Padded cuff protection Big Seller due to Comfort & Price 38 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports registered Club Schools 10% Discount 2 Pairs Wicket Keeping Pads New 5 Star New Sm . Mens Mens 125 International Test standard Improved beyond price All the best materials Premium flexibility & comfort 238. Kingsport The Zone Stumper Exp. 81.85 90 Buy the Set Kingsport AN D SAVE Gloves & Pads 130 SET Sm . Mens Mens M ens M ens Mens Yth 80 Exp. 59.10 65 125 135 Exp. 113.65 135 125 Exp. 113.65 110 100 Exp. 90.90 239. Kingsport The Zone Stumper Unbeatable value Test standard WK pad State-of-the-art quality & design Hi-tech construction easy wrap around 240. Gray-Nicolls Legend Gold Super lightweight with high density foam & fibre inserts for protection Contoured style for comfortable fit Lycra lining for soft feel 2 PU lined straps for extra comfort 241. Puma evoPOWER 1 SE Black Edition Revolutionary light weight design slimline fit Vented face for enhanced air flow Customisable internal bolsters. Space age Ultra lightweight construction with HDF impact protection Ultra slim ergonomic design for comfort & ease of movement 242. Kookaburra Pro 1000 Peter Nevill Replica Club School TRicKs Dual Colour Club School Club School Club School Mens Mens Mens Mens Youth Boys 80 Youth Boys Yth Boys Sm . Boys 50 Youth Boys 70 Exp. 63.65 80 70 Exp. 63.65 45 Exp. 40.90 50 45 Exp. 40.90 243. Gray-Nicolls Omega 800 Lightweight high density foam & cane construction for protection Ergonomic design for comfort 2 wide straps for stability 244. Puma evoSPEED 2 Value classy flex tech construction cool looks Light weight slim fit super fit Air mesh bolsters ventilated 245. Kookaburra Pro WK 600 Ideal for Club School or individual Light weight entry level WK pad Strong and durable Light weight high density foam & cane construction Perfect Club School or entry level individual WK pad 246. Gray-Nicolls Keeper Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves Catching Gloves Youth M ens Boys Youth Mens Boys Mens M ens Yth M ens Yth 40 35 Exp. 31.85 40 35 Exp. 31.85 35 25 Exp. 22.75 30 25 Exp. 22.75 30 25 Exp. 22.75 247. G-N Omega XRD Padded Lightweight foam for shock absorption Mens 248. Puma evoSPEED 1 Full Chamois Inners Padded Mens Youth 249. Kingsport Full Chamois Inners Padded or Unpadded Mens Youth Boys 250. Kookaburra Players Inners Chamois Palm - Padded 251. Gray-Nicolls Ultimate TRicKs Dual Colour Mens Youth Chamois Palm - Padded with Lycra Backing Mens Youth Boys TRicKs Dual Colour Boys Boys Boys M ens Yth M ens Yth M ens Yth All Sizes All Sizes 30 25 Exp. 22.75 25 18 Exp. 15.45 12 10 Exp. 9.90 10 6 Exp. 5.45 20 16 Exp. 14.55 252. Puma evoSPEED 3 Chamois Palm Inners Padded Mens Yth Boys 253. Kingsport Chamois Palm Padded or Unpadded Mens Youth Boys 254. Kookaburra 600 Mens Youth Boys Full Cotton Palm - Padded 256. Kingsport Club Cotton Padded or Unpadded 257. Puma evoSPEED 5 Full Cotton Palm - Padded Mens Yth Boys Sm. Boys Mens Yth Boys Sm. Boys Buy online . . . 39 registered Club Schools 10% Discount 3 Pairs Thigh Pads SUPE r Va l u e Club Bulk 3 18 Large(L) M ens( M) Large(L) M ens(M) M ens M ens Sm . Mens(S) Yth Boys(Jnr) Sm . Mens(S) Y outh Boys Youth Boys Sm all Boys 75 80 Exp. 68.20 50 55 Exp. 45.45 30 35 Exp. 27.30 20 25 Exp. 18.20 258. Gray-Nicolls Players X1Combo Multi-section contoured protection Sculptured protection system combination of best impact foam & fibre shield Impact resistant at 160 km h 259. Gray-Nicolls Ultimate Combo All-in-one inner & outer protection system Light contoured dual density foam Fibre Two sectioned contoured thigh & hip protecinserts for extra protection Sponge lining for tion with inner thigh pad Maximum protection added comfort 2 towelling straps for secure including fibre shield Custom fit & adjustable fit Superior comfort & great value 260. Gray-Nicolls Test Thigh Guard 261. Gray-Nicolls Elite Light contoured wrap around design Excellent entry level match model Perfect Club School or individual protection Dual LH or RH XL Large XL Large M edium M edium Sm a ll X S M ens M ens Small 125 140 Youth Youth Boys Exp. 113.65 50 60 Exp. 45.45 45 50 Exp. 40.90 30 35 Exp. 27.30 262. Kookaburra Pro Players LE Test Match level protection Shaped micro weight ultra high density foam Moulded hip shock dispersion foam Silicone anti-slip backing strips 263. Kookaburra Pro Guard 500 Combined thigh & inner design Top match level micro-weight protection Fully adjustable for extra comfort & fit Anti-bacterial air flow mesh backing Fully washable 264. Kooka Ghost Pro Players Micro weight Ultra High density foam Premium PU soft feel facing with comfort fit Lycra back Towel 50mm straps for secure fit 265. Kookaburra Dynasty Pro Lightweight sculptured HDF protection in asymmetrical design Soft feel PU facing with Towel backing for comfort New Club Bulk 3 13 M ens M ens M ens M e ns Youth Youth Yth Boys Yth Boys Sm . Boys 65 75 Exp. 59.10 50 60 40 55 Exp. 45.45 Exp. 36.40 15 20 Exp. 13.65 266. Gunn & Moore Original LE Thigh Pad Set 267. Spartan MC 2 in 1 Combined Inner & outer Thigh pad High density foam with fibre insert for extra protection 268. Kingsport Epic Dual Moulded HD foam protection Comfort lining for full innings duration Adjustable secure touch fastening Moulded value for money Sculptured easy fit easy use Good protection for top match conditions Towelling straps pre-curved for comfort 269. Kooka Kahuna Protection Intermediate Club level top match guard Sculptured moulded HDF protection Dual LH or RH design with towel backing Super value massive seller P1 S-XL 95 75 Exp. 86.40 P2 S-XL M ens M ens M ens Exp. 68.20 Youth Yth Boys Yth Boys P3 XS-XXS 55 60 Exp. 50 40 30 Dual density foam with fibre reinforced protection Soft padded towel lining Moulded fit 22 25 45 273. Aero Stripper V7.0 The original & the Best Outstanding lower body protection Available in P1 P2 P3 models P3 Model is for BOYS UNDER 10 Exp. 27.30 Exp. 20 Exp. 40.90 270. Puma evoPOWER 1 SE Combination Thigh & inner pad High density foam with fibre shield insert Soft padded towel lining Pre moulded fit 271. Puma evoSPEED 1 272. Puma evoSPEED 3 Pre moulded symmetrical fit High density foam with sponge back Absorbent towel lining 40 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport Guards Protectors Ar M G UAr DS M ens M ens A ll Sizes A ll Sizes A ll Sizes Youth M ens 25 30 Exp. 22.75 50 35 275. G-N Legend 25 30 Exp. 31.85 Exp. 22.75 20 15 277. Kooka Kahuna 12 20 Exp. 13.65 Exp. 10.90 20 15 Ultralite Armguard Easy fit with comfort Match Protection Exp. 13.65 274. Kooka Ghost Pro Players Test match standard protection Micro weight UHDF Soft feel PU Lycra backing Mens 276. G-N Armguard Top match profile Light weight moulded Sponge lining Mens 278. Kingsport Armguard Practical and easy use Easy fit with comfort Improved Match Protection 279. Kingsport Ultralite Lightweight contoured high density foam protection Genuine Leather - durability Mens Moulded high density foam Towel backing 50mm towel wrist strap Youth Boys Sm.Boys Mens Yth Boys SmBoys Mens Youth Boys Mens Youth C H E ST Dua l Dua l G UAr DS Dua l 50 55 Exp. 45.45 30 35 Exp. 27.30 30 40 Exp. 27.30 25 30 Exp. 22.75 280. Gray-Nicolls Legend Mens Contoured lightweight high density foam superior fit & protection Genuine leather for durability 281. Kooka Dynasty Pro Players 279. Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 RP Micro weight High density foam Mesh & PU covered high density foam high Ambidextrous design impact protection. Fibre panel & towel Premium PU Youth Boys backing. Mensfacing with lycra backing for comfort Mens 282. Kingsport Ultralite Mens Youth Boys 281. Aero Chest Protector 283. Kingsport Chest Guard Light easy movement non Light easy fit easy usehigh bulky protection. P1 Small - Large moulded chest guard Practical Light weight high density foam Soft premium PU with Towel backing P3 Extra Small only Mens Youth Boys P r O T E C T O r S Lad ies S n ta da rd S n ta da rd Sm all M ed M ens M ens Youth M ens A ll Sizes A ll Sizes 6 284. Gray-Nicolls Ladies Protector Exp. 5.45 30 Exp. 27.30 20 Exp. 18.20 10 Mens Youth Exp. 9.10 5 Exp. 4.45 6 Exp. 5.45 285. Gray-Nicolls Carbon Test Carbon Designed for women cricketers Medium Small reinforced impact resistant polymer shell provide ultimate protection Mens 286. Gray-Nicolls Test Protector Hypervent air flow Ultimate comfort Mens Shell with rubberised edge 287. Kooka Player Protector Moulded ABS Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys 288. Kingsport Standard Protector Mens Youth Boys SmallBoys ExtraSmallBoys 289. G-N Kookaburra Puma Standard Protector Fielders Inner Thigh Guards Youth M ens M ens Youth M ens Youth M ens Youth M ens 25 35 Exp. 22.73 35 35 Exp. 31.85 25 25 Exp. 22.75 30 25 Exp. 22.75 20 15 Exp. 13.65 290. Kingsport FieldersShinGuard Self fit Easy use Close in protection 291. G-N Legend InnerThighGuard High density foam with Leather cover for durability 292. Gray-Nicolls InnerThighGuard Mens Youth Mens Test protection Lightweight moulded Sponge lining High impact Mens Youth 293. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Players InnerThighGuard Micro weight high density foam 294. Kookaburra Kahuna InnerThighGuard Moulded high density foam Towel backing Mens Mens Youth This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 41 Starters Cricket Associations and C lubs Bulk Orders Buy 3 item Plus for 10% Discount Discount Export 295. Kingsport Joey Plastic Cricket Kit in bag 2 Bats 2 Sets Stumps with Bases 2 small Batting Tees 2 Soft Balls Size 5( Medium ) Size 3( Small ) Size 1( Mini ) 90 81.85 296. Kingsport Joey Single Plastic Bat Bats available in Three sizes Size 5( Medium ) Size 3( Small ) Size 1( Mini ) Also Available in HOT PINK 15 23 5 9 13.65 20.90 4.55 8.20 3.65 11.80 3.65 22.75 9.10 297. Kingsport Joey Stump set 3 Stumps on base Also Available in HOT PINK 298. Kingsport Joey Single Plastic Stump Also Available in HOT PINK Front BACK 299. Kingsport Joey Stump Base only 297 298 295 296 Also Available in HOT PINK 300. Kingsport Joey Batting Tee Also Available in HOT PINK Small Large 4 13 4 25 10 301. Kingsport Joey Batting Tee 302. Kingsport Joey Plastic Balls Avail. in HOT PINK SKY Blue Snr Jnr 303. Kingsport Plastic Target Stump Avail. in HOT PINK YellOw 304. Kingsport Nylon Ball Bag Holds 15 Balls Front BACK 296 297 298 300 302 301 304 305 308 Bat Cov ers 311 312 313 306 309 307 310 305. Kookaburra Pro 1250 bat cover 306. Gray-Nicolls Full Length bat cover 307. Kookaburra Pro 600 bat cover 308. New Balance Full Length 25 25 12 25 309. New Balance Half Blade bat cover 310. Spartan MC bat cover (2015) 312. Gunn & Moore Blade bat cover 313. Kingsport bat cover - Padded Blade Sp e c i a l 311. Gunn & Moore Full Length bat cover 13 20 25 15 10 42 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport all grips are available in most standard colours Bat Grips 314 Diamond 315 315 Matrix Spiral 315 315 316 316 316 317 317 318 319 Matrix Block G-N Zone Plus G-N Matrix Plus Octopus Xtreme Scale evoPOWER evoSPEED Ripple MC Multi Grips Fitted while you wait Bulk 10% 12 Grips To Fit Grip 2 If not purchased from us 314. Kingsport Standard Grips Diamond Chevron 315. Gray-Nicolls Grips Zone Plus Matrix Plus Half Moon Matrix Spiral Multi Colour Matrix Block Multi Colour Fitted Price 6 9 9 10 9 9 9 9 15 10 12 316. Kookaburra Grips Octopus Scale Chevron Xtreme Zig Zag Players Max 317. Puma Grips Black or white edition evoPOweR evoSPeeD 318. Gunn & Moore Grips Famous Ripple Control Dynamic 319. Spartan Grips MC Multi Grip 321 321 321 Kings Attitude 320. SS Ton Grips (All Aqua) Players Gutsy elite Vertu 321. Kingsport Grips Octa (Assorted Colours) Aqua White Deadly Epic Vintage Classic Noble Willow Kingsgrove Grip Penta Kings Aqua Kings Deadly 321 Kings Octa Noble Willow 321 321 Kings Immortal 322. Aero Grip Designed to increase grip and reduce rotation 323. New Balance Grips TC DC 324. Adidas Grips Pellara libro 325 327 C r i c k e t Acce ssor Discount ies Export 326 325. Test Umpire Counter Gray-nicolls ( Kidney Shape ) 326. Umpire s Counters Gray-nicolls ( Standard ) 327. Umpire s Counters by Kingsport 328 328. Bat Mallet by Kingsport. With leather ball and thick handle - Knock in Bats 329. Bat Mallet by Puma. Wooden hammer excellent for knocking in 330. Bat Gripping Cone Standard Kingsport Gripping Cone 331. Bat Gripping Cone Deluxe by Gray-nicolls for fitting grips 329 332. Bat Oil by Gray-nicolls and Kookaburra 333. Stump Gauge Deluxe metal model 337 334. Stump Mallet 331 Wooden mallet to secure stumps 335. Bowling Marker by Gray-Nicolls Kookaburra Pack of two 336. Kingsport Club Ball Bag nylon bag to carry approx 15 balls 337. Tally Counter Four digits counts to 9999 (Keep your own score) 338.SpareMetalStumpShoe(Ferules) Shod(Top) 11 9 9 16 16 10 10 6 15 10 5 10 25 1 each 10.00 8.20 8.20 14.55 14.55 9.10 9.10 5.45 13.65 9.10 4.55 9.10 22.75 Buy online . . . 43 Coloured Pads for Limited Over Cricket perfect for individual or c lub use Ordered . . . prior to delivery c lub Schools 10% Dicount 2 pairs 341. Gray-Nicolls wicket Keeping Light weight Cut- Away style Colours Sky Royal Navy Red Yellow Black Maroon Green 339. Gray-Nicolls elite Pads traditional Cane front contoured knee pocket. Impact protection Colours Sky Royal Navy Red Yellow Black Maroon Green 340. Gray-Nicolls Club Pads traditional Cane front knee pocket. Comfy fit. Dual lH or RH Colours Sky Royal Navy Red Yellow Black Maroon Green Mens Mens Mens 115 export 104.55 75 export 68.20 75 export 68.20 Coloured CLADS Use your normal Pads . . . Just CLAD CLADS are a unique product which converts White batting Pads & Wicket Keeping Pads into Coloured Pads 342. Coloured Clads Purple Red Royal Blue Sky Blue Yellow Dark Navy Colours Purple Red Royal Blue Sky Blue Yellow Dark Navy Black Bottle Green Grey Gold Pink Maroon Single Pads 3 35 Black Bottle Green Grey Gold Pink Maroon export 31.85 30 export 27.30 Vintage Kit Assisted P layer K its Vintage Bat Vintage Pads Vintage Gloves Thigh Pad Set Vintage Bag Retail 905 725 615 Noble Willow Kit Noble Willow Bat Noble Willow Gloves Noble Willow Pads Thigh Pad Set Noble Willow 5 Star Bag Retail 770 Conditions Must be playing 1st 2nd Grade or District Country Representative Cricket Extra product can be added on at 20% Discount Must purchase a full kit. Kit will not be broken up FREE One Pair of Kingsport Cream White Pants 44 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 Accessories Repairs 8 13 345. Kookaburra Webtape or ArmourTec 10 346. Kingsport Bat Labels NobleWillow Epic Immortal Attitudeetc. 25 347. Puma Bat Labels evoSPEED evoPOWERetc. 40 348. Bat Handle Our Own Repair Shop 12pc 40 8pc 25 349. WK Pin Head Rubber Refacing wk gloves G-N Kooka Per Sheet 10 350. WK Rubber by Puma Octopuspalm Per Sheet 16 351. Bat Handle by Gray-Nicolls Testquality 60 352. Bat Grip Electrical Tape Lasso Tape - THICK 5 353. Bat Grip Thin Tape by Gray-Nicolls - SLIM 6 354. Vellum Sheets Per Sheet 25 343. Gray-Nicolls FibreTec Perfect Repair 344. Gray-Nicolls ExtraTec Clear Sleeves 348 Replacing Sleeve (Incl. Clean Blade) Replacing Sleeve on old bat 25 Replace Rubber Toe Guard take home kit by Kookaburra SF Toe Guard Strip 20 10 4 Per Kit Kingsgrove Sports recommends that Customers Use Shoe - Goo Our Own For repair of small 9 or minor surface cracks or edge tape Fibreglass Tape For The Toe of Your Bat If applied by us Please add 4 Tube 15 Mini Bats F Promotional 355. Autograph Bat Gray-Nicolls Labels 356. Autograph Bat Kookaburra Official Bat 357. Autograph Bat No Labels Standard ( Larger Orders Extra Discount ) 358. Mini Bats No Labels Mini Bat 18 - 15 ( Larger Orders Extra Discount ) 359. Mini BatsKookaburraAssortedModelsMiniBat18 4Models 360. Gray-Nicolls KABOOM Mini Bat 15 and Omega 361. Gunn & Moore Mini BatsAllBatModels Mogul Paragon Mana 362. Mini Bats Puma Mini Bat 15 363. Mini Batting Gloves Promotional Aussie Green Mini Batting Gloves 364. Mini Pads Mini Pad 16 Promotional Gold & Standard 365. Mini Ball Kingsport ( No Markings for Promotion ) 366. Mini Ball Kingsport Soft Mini Ball ( Play Ball ) Pink Limited Stocks Limited Stocks Autograph B ats 1 unit 75 85 2 to 10 units 11 units 60 65 40 7 10 13 12 11 8 17 6 3 54 55 36 6 9 12 11 10 7 15 5 2.65 48 50 32 5 8 11 10 9 6 13 4 35 Balls 2.40 11 Full Size autograph Bats plain Standard Gray-Nicolls Kookaburra Gray-Nicolls Gray-Nicolls Mini autograph Bats Gunn & Moore Kookaburra Kookaburra puma Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 45 Cash buy for Clubs 12 Balls Kookaburra White Balls 2.00 Extra in W hit e 2 piece Hardwicke t Balls Buy 12 Balls . . . Pay Now & Receive Bulk Price Special Bulk Price valid to 1 ST Nov. 2016 only Avail. 142g red only Ba Avail. in W Also hite 2 pc Also Avail. 2 s ll Ex w llo Ye tra 2 Ex tra Also avail. 142 gram lk Bu .0 43 pri ce 0 Single 367. Kookaburra Tuf Pitch From Nov. 2016 45 Bu 40 2 lk p rice .25 Single Bu 368. Platypus longlife exp. 36.60 43 Also avail. 142 gram red .5 42 ri lk p ce 0 Single Single 371. Kookaburra Dozen Ball Case 44 33 370. Kookaburra Special Test From Nov. 2016 44 exp. 40.00 6 Balls p l u s 43.50 exp. 39.55 Single er O r From Nov. 2016 36.00 exp. 32.75 de rice rs lk p Bu ca .00 ll U s.. 35 . we consid fer e r any reasonable of S A SJC 369. Kookaburra Red King 38 Bu .0 30 ri lk p ce NSW Approve Club School Association Bulk Orders Price on aPPlication negotiate your Price Wh ite d Ba Includes Assoc. Branded Balls ex tra ll Also avail. 142 gram nSJCA HKCA BJ CC Avail. in Whit e 2 Ex Dual r e Ye l l o w O r a d Ye ng llo e A ls o B Dual r t Ball in Ora e d W nge h it 2 nigh B .00 33 ed w ri ulk p ce Single 35 6 Balls p l u s B 378. Platypus Club Special export 30.00 .0 29 ri ulk p ce 0 Single lk Bu 31 30.00 exp. 27.30 19 pri .00 6 Balls p l u s ce r 142 g 2 156 o pc tra i Avail. in Whit e A ls o t Ball in Ora nge nigh D u Avail. 142 gram tle n ew c a s t l e newcas Ju ni C B 46 la 0 Single Bu 32 6 Balls p l u s Avail. 142 gram POA 373. Dukes Challenger export p O a ri lk p ce ri ulk p ri ulk p rg R al Single POA 372. Stanford Test Special export 27.30 leather Also avail. 142 gram tra Also avail. 142 gram 6g Extra 1 5 e 2 w hit W Avail. 142 gram 0 28.5 ce Single 31 29.50 exp. 26.80 lk Bu 374. Kookaburra Colt From Nov. 2016 .50 22 pri ce Single Bu 24 23.50 exp. 21.35 156 & 142 gram .0 22 ri lk p ce 0 Single Bu 24 6 Balls p l u s 156 & 142 gram .2 18 ri lk p ce 5 Single 20 375. Kookaburra Practice From Nov. 2016 376. Platypus Gem export 20.00 377. Kookaburra Zenith From Nov. 2016 18.75 exp. 17.05 tra Ex Also avail. 142 gram w llo Ye hite w Pink 6g Pink white 15 e ow l el Y ng ni l her ea t Single lk Bu 22 13 pri .00 6 Balls p l u s ce Single 15 379. Kookaburra Jaffer From Nov. 2016 380. Gray-Nicolls Test Crown exp. 17.30 381. Kingsport epic exp. 11.85 hite Pink Ora ng e SC A Avail. 156 gram or CA Avail. 142 or 156 gram 0 15.0 ce Single 17 6 Balls p l u s lk Bu 382. Kingsport County league export 13.65 .00 26 From Nov. 2016 pri ce Single Bu 28 26.50 22 ri lk p .50 23.00 ce Single Single Single 25 383. Kookaburra CSCA 384. Kookaburra Colt NJCA From Nov. 2016 304. Kingsgrove Nylon Ball Bag Fits 15 Balls. tough & durable 10 20 385. Kookaburra Ball Bag nylon bag - draw string closure Q uantity O rders with payment negOtiate yOur price 4 piece Tur f and pVc Balls Kookaburra White Balls 2.00 Extra International T est Ma tch Cricket Balls Special Bulk Price valid to 1st Nov. 2016 only 2 ex k Pin Ba ge Pink orange W hit e Avail. in o r an 4 pc Bu .0 11 5 lk p rice 0 386. Kookaburra Turf Red export 104.55 75 120 Bu Single lk p rice .00 Bu Single .5 62 tra ex ri lk p ce nS W Ap pr o s ll ll Ba 5 ers of Cork Wh lay ite 2 e 2 tr ex a Also Womens 142g tra Also avail. 142 gram White 2 Extra ve d Ba ll BY ORdeR ONlY ite 2 extra Also Avail. in NSw - VCA - SACA - wACA - Newcastle DCA Illawarra - ACT - Inter State & District Wh ite We will Not be beaten on price Single a xtr 0 Single Bu 387. Kookaburra Regulation From Nov. 2016 78 65 64.50 exp. 58.65 POA ri lk p ce Single POA 389. Kookaburra Club Match From Nov. 2016 390. Dukes International export p O a 77.00 exp. 70.00 2 Training Balls or lOweR DIVISION MATCH BAll Avail. Branded or White 4 PC in W h rs export 63.65 ca th er e 4 pc l ea 2 ra E xt ll U s.. . we consid er 156 gram White or red 70 . 0 0 Av ail. lso P Wh it Also Avail. in Also Wh it e Also Ava il . in Bu nr ed Avail. in Pink o ran ge Availab le i Bu .50 13 pVc Hard centre - australian ri lk p ce Single 15 Bu .00 10 398. Platypus Seamer ri lk p ce Approved PVC Clu b M Av ai Ce nt r Ba l Approved Ma tc h Bu 8.0 ri lk p ce 0 6 Balls p l u s Single Bu pVc Soft centre 10 13 ri lk p .25 ce Single Bu pVc Soft centre 15 9.3 ri lk p ce Also Avail. Pink R Aiso Soft ed la er Or de 388. Platypus Special Turf 73 Bu lk ce pri Bu A 52 ri lk p .00 ce Single Bu 55 48 ri lk p .00 ce .00 38 393. Platypus Diamond export 34.55 401. Aero Safety Ball Match Club export 7.30 rg P l. Single 50 ffe any reasonable o Avail. 156 gram r 391. Kookaburra Regulation Reject From Nov. 2016 392. Kookaburra Senator From Nov. 2016 53.00 exp. 48.20 49.00 exp. 44.55 k in 1 56 g ram an or ge Avail. 156 & 142 gram ri lk p ce Single 40 6 Balls p l u s Bu .00 35 ri lk p ce Single australian leather 37 Bu .00 30 ri lk p ce Single 32 Bu .00 52 From Nov. 2016 ri lk p ce Single 55 394. Stanford Test International export 31.85 6 Balls p l u s 395. Gray-Nicolls Royal Crown export 27.30 4 pc M a t c h 396. Kookaburra Senator Pink 54.00 exp. 49.10 nt W hite Avail. Senior or Junior W ed r hite BY ORdeR ONlY a B tch all er Wat Res is t a Avail. Senior or Junior Single 12 Bu .00 11 ri lk p ce Single 13 pVc Hard centre - australian pVc Hard centre 397. Kookaburra Commander From Nov. 2016 399. Gray-Nicolls Match Play export 10.00 14 exp. 12.75 ed r export 9.10 Junior or Senior K IN Avail. senior or junior e Avail. senior or junior l a i l. Av te W hi Avail. senior or junior W e hit W hi te Avail. Senior or Junior 5 Single Bu pVc Soft centre 11 9.3 ri lk p ce 5 Single pVc Soft centre 11 402. Kookaburra Softa Ball From Nov. 2016 403. Gray-Nicolls wonder Ball export 8.50 13.75 exp. 12.50 6 Balls p l u s 404. Kookaburra Supa Softa Ball From Nov. 2016 10.75 exp. 9.75 Special Price valid until 1s t November 2016 47 Super Training Safet y Sof t centre etic nth Sy Cricket Balls F luro Avail. in Orang e So f t ed w hite P i nk PV C Hard Single exp. 29.10 Single exp. 24.55 32 27 Bu 6.0 ri lk p ce R Single exp. 6.35 0 7 Bu 7.0 ri lk p ce 0 Single exp. 7.30 8 405. Kooka. Super Coach 3 Ball Pack Spinner Big bouncer Swing master 406. Kooka. Super Coach Skill Set Soft PVC Hard leather - By Stanford Hard Lasting training Ball 407. Kingsport Pro PVC Hard Ball 408. Kingsport Pro PVC Soft Ball Club Bulk 6 6.00 each Jnr Snr Club Bulk 6 7.00 each Jnr Snr - By Stanford Soft training Ball Single exp. 10.90 Single exp. 10.90 Single exp. 10.90 Single exp. 10.90 12 12 12 12 409. Kookaburra Super Coach Spinner Level 2 softer Skill Ball 410. Kookaburra Super Coach Big Bouncer Level 2 softer Ball with higher Bounce P ink 411. Kooka. Super Coach Swing Master Level 2 One side rough & one side smooth 412. Kooka. Super Coach Super Quick Ball Level 2 softer ball with momentum core for speed Single exp. 9.10 Avail. i nw hit e Single exp. 11.85 Single export 8.20 Single exp. 18.20 10 13 9 20 413. Kooka. Super Coach Swing Demon Level 1 softer ball one side rough and one side smooth 414. Kingsport Autograph Balls totally clean for autographs Leather Ball 12 Balls 11 50 10 100 9 each 415. Gray-Nicolls Hard Tennis Ball Indoor Cricket Tennis ball Cricket - GYM use ra g p c t ic e 416. Kingsport Australia Flag Ball novelty Hard Leather 2 PC training Ball ect Beach Ba Perf ll Clubs 6 3.50 Single exp. 3.65 ail. Av 156 & 142 g ram Availa ble i n P ko in nly ou 3 Col rs in Sw Single Single exp. 14.55 Single exp. 22.75 3 417. Kingsport Soft Mini Ball A corridor Playball for KIDS 4 16 25 418. Kingsport Swing Ball - Natural Two Sided Ball - tennis ball & rubber ball 419. Kingsport leather Swing Ball 1 Side Smooth 1 Side with Small Holes 420. G-N Mini Cricket Set Great gift idea Perfect for the office or table decoration Score Books Accessories 421 424 425 427 421. Score Book Holder Deluxe Standard ( Holds All ) 422. Score Book Holder Standard Large ( Grade Cricket ) 423. Score Book Holder Standard ( CSW Score Book ) 424. Score Book CSw Spiral 425. Scorers Satchel Can be used for laptops 426. Gray-Nicolls Score Book 60 innings 427. Kingsport Official Score Book 48 innings All Details by Kookaburra 65 30 28 20 25 20 15 BulK 3 BulK 3 BulK 3 BulK 3 BulK 3 BulK 3 BulK 3 58 27 25 18 22 18 13 48 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport Special c lub Supplement Club Club School Bulk SaleS ool Club Sch ool SAV 5 E 5 Club Sch ool SAV 0 E 4 Club 5 E 2 SAV Sch 0 E 8 SAV Sch ool Club 5 E 5 SAV N I O R JU Sch ool Club 5 E 7 SAV N I OR JU Sch ool 100 90 Single exp. 90.90 120 exp. 110 Single 110 100 125 430. County Clipper Ready Play Tough School Club non-oil english willow Single exp. 100 115 Single exp. 105 135 Single exp. 123 85 Single exp. 78 Sc Cl ub hool exp. 82 110 Sc Cl ub hool Sc Cl ub hool exp. 100 exp. 90.90 100 180 Sc Cl ub hool exp. 90.90 120 exp. 110 Sc Cl ub hool 75 Sc Cl ub hool exp. 69 145 428. BAS Classic High quality Match bat Ready Play english willow 150 429. G-N F18 Thunder Blade Pre-Knocked-in Bat Ready to play english willow 175 432. Spartan MC 1000 Superbly Hand crafted Ready to play english willow JUNIOR 150 433. Spartan X Series JNR Strong durable bat Ready to play english willow JUNIOR 431. Spartan Gladiator Hand Crafted Ready to play english willow Wh club Bag 92 x 37 x 35 cm E El Wh club Bag 100 x 48 x 42 cm E El C lubs 55 75 export 50 S S C lubs 75 100 export 68.20 434. Kingsport large Club Kit wheel Bag Standard Club equipment bag with ball pocket plus two compartments. tough and durable nylon kit bag. Green Yellow 435. Kingsport Xl Club Deluxe wheel Bag Extra large nylon Club equipment bag with ball pocket plus two compartments and wheels. tough and durable Club bag. Blue club Bag 102 x 42 x 40 cm 100 x 40 x 40 cm club Bag C lubs C lubs 90 85 export 81.80 115 110 export 104.55 436. Gray-Nicolls Team wheel Bag Durable team kit bag with wheels. External pocket with strong nylon handles and with zip opening. Black 437. Kookaburra Kit wheel Bag Extra large Club equipment bag with huge main compartment end pocket and wheels. Black lime So f Leat PVC t her So f ath P U Le t er So f ath P U Le t er Dual LH or RH 6 E 4 SAV Mens 36 Ju ni or 30 20 40 26 40 27 441. Kingsport Runlite Pad 31 Dual PVC Club Pad Durable & tough match quality Mens Youth Boys Small Boys Mini Boys Joeys 54 442. Spartan MC 2000 Pad Top quality Match pads Mens Youth 438. Kingsport Club Special Stunning quality well-padded economy Glove Mens Youth Boys Small Boys Mini Boys Joeys 439. Kingsport Runlite Super light square finger match glove Flexi fit Mens Youth Boys Small Boys Mini Boys 440. Kooka Onyx Pro 500 Entry Level Match Gloves Mens Youth Boys Small Boys XS Boys Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 49 One piece cricket practice NeTs Batting Cages l e a d t i m e 3 - 4 days 685 443. Batting Net 16 metres BC16 Commercial Grade Approx. 75% cricket practice net 60 ply Semi enclosed Make your own cricket nets Posts or guide wires not included export 623 1050 export 955 444. Batting Net 21 metres BC21 Commercial Grade Fully enclosed in practice net 60 ply Club training or other training facilities Can be used for Baseball Make your own cricket nets Posts guide wires not incl. Order as r e q u i r e d export 286.40 315 275 DS.HG-MN. Home Ground Multi Net Used for Cricket Golf Tennis Football or baseball. AlSO See PAGe 55 - FOR MORe CRICKeT NeTS export 250 445. Batting Net 10 metres BC10 (Semi-enclosed) Residential Grade Half cricket pitch practice net 36 ply Perfect for smaller areas driveways etc Make your own practice area Posts or guide wires not included Aero Protective P1 P1 S - L exp. 40.90 P2 M L exp. 22.75 45 P2 S - L 25 P1 S - X L exp. 86.40 95 P2 XXS - XXl exp. 13.60 15 P3 XS S exp. 22.75 exp. 27.28 30 25 447. Aero Groin Protector Briefs Lightweight and breathable moisture wicking and anti-bacterial brief 448. Aero KPR Inner Hand Protector Incredibly snug fitting and comfortable keeping inner shaped to make catching easier. 449. Aero Forearm Protector Lightweight snug fitting high performance forearm protector allows you to play your shot without getting in your way. P2 S - X L exp. 68.20 75 P3 P1 M L exp. 40.90 45 P3 XS - X X S exp. 40.90 S - XXl exp. 22.75 Senior exp. 22.75 P3 S M exp. 40.90 45 25 25 45 446. Aero Stripper V7.0 outstanding lower body protection. improved protection. Designed to integrate with Aero Strippers. Extra long leg for total comfort 450. Aero Groin Protector Shorts Compression plus Sizes XXS - XXL longer harder training. Silicone & Amara leather palms for protection & comfort. Lycra rear for a snug fit. Sizes Senior 451. Aero Fielding Practice Gloves Allows for 452. Aero Chest Protector the innovative holster design keeps the chest protector in place which allows you to play your shots without getting in the way. Sizes P1 M L P3 S M 50 Buy online . . . Finally quality custom Made cricket caps at a decent price Custom Made Cricket Caps BULK ORDER 11 CAPS 10% Discount Most Colours to suit your club school 1. Honour Caps Great for Presentations and Awards EXCLUSIVE 709M 709M ALT CD 709M SUPERIOR 709M ALT RB 62 each 65 each 90 each 120 each 2. Australian Baggy Single Colour 3. English Style Traditional 8 Panel with one embroidered logo Melton Traditional felt fully lined & elasticised 37 each (11-49 Caps) 1-10 Caps (20% Surcharge) 2 3 4. Alternative Panel Aust. Baggy Style 5. Alternative Panel English Traditional 8 Panel with one embroidered logo Melton Traditional felt fully lined & elasticised Can also be custom made with alternate Peak 39 each (11-49 Caps) 1-10 Caps (20% Surcharge) 4 5 6. Aust. Baggy Style Cord Down Seam 7. English Traditional Cord Down Seam 8 Panel with one embroidered logo Melton Traditional felt fully lined & elasticised 40 each (11-49 Caps) 1-10 Caps (20% Surcharge) 6 7 8. Aust. Baggy Style Piping Down Seam 9. English Traditional Piping Down Seam 8 Panel with one embroidered logo Melton Traditional felt fully lined & elasticised 42 each (11-49 Caps) 1-10 Caps (20% Surcharge) 8 9 10. English Traditional Hooped Braid 8 Panel with one embroidered logo Melton Traditional felt fully lined & elasticised Hooped braid Three rows elasticised 44 each (11-49 Caps) 1-10 Caps (20% Surcharge) 10 GST and Freight to Sydney included One Logo Embroidery Included CONDITIONS 4 week lead from sign off date 5% Discount bulk orders 50 Caps plus CONTACT Harry Solomons Club Orders (02) 9502 4534 or Our Local Stores Email cluborder 51 You may c hoose more expensive bat s for your K i t by paying t he di f fe renc e Kingsgrove Sports Any Club Kit can be put together Your choice of equipment Mens 453. Senior Basic Kit A Fill in Kit Club Discount will apply Basic Kit - Senior 1 x County Clipper or Slazenger Titan or BAS Classic 2 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 x x x x x x x x x Kingsport Club runlite Pads - Mens Kingsport Club Special Batting Gloves Puma A Grade stumps 2 bails Kingsport cotton padded inners Gray-Nicolls Stumper WK Gloves Kingsport Club nylon Bag (Green) Kingsport Protectors CSW Score Book or Kingsport Kookaburra Thigh Pad - Mens One Bat W he 530 Export 328 360 o ur Price els You may reduce or add items to suit your requirements 454. Senior Economy Club Kit Mens AL TOT TS BA 2 Senior economy club Kit- menS 1 x G-N F18 Thunder Blade Bat or 1 x Spartan Gladiator Bat - Mens or Slazenger Titan Bat (any Two) 3 x Kingsport runlite II Pads - Mens 4 x Kingsport Club Special Gloves 3 rH 1 LH 1 x Gray-Nicolls Stumper WK Gloves 1 x Kookaburra WK 600 WK Pads 1 x Kingsport cotton WK inners - Padded 6 x Gray-Nicolls or Puma stumps 4 bails 1 x Kingsport nylon Club Kit Bag (Green) 2 x Kookaburra Kahuna Thigh Pad 4 x Kingsport protectors - Mens 1 x Umpire s Counter - Kingsport 1 x CSW Score Book or Kingsport with wheels 1150 Export 582 640 o ur Price You may reduce or add items to suit your requirements 455. Senior Deluxe Luxury Kit Mens AL TOT S T 3 BA Deluxe -luxury club Kit - menS 1 1 1 4 4 1 1 1 6 1 4 2 4 1 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Gray-Nicolls omega Super Blade Bat Kookaburra onyx 900 Bat Puma evoSPEED 5 Bat Puma evoSPEED 4.2 or evoSPEED 7 Pads Puma evoSPEED 4.2 Gloves Puma evoSPEED 4 WK Gloves Kingsport Chamois palm inners Kookaburra WK 600 WK Pads or Gray-Nicolls Keeper WK Pads Puma A Grade Turf Stumps 4 bails Deluxe Club Kit Bag (Kingsport Blue) Kingsport Protectors Kingsport Umpire s Counters Kookaburra Kahuna Thigh Pads CSW Score Book Kingsport with wheels 1195 1850 o ur Price You may reduce or add items to suit your requirements Export 1087 52 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport We Guarantee to match any reasonable of fer Cricket Club Kits We have indicated general size of bats . . . but you may choose own size 456. Youths Club kit (Under 13 - 14 Years) Youth Gear - 2 Harrow Youth Bats - Under 14 457. Boys Club kit (Under 10 - 11 Years) Boys Gear - 2 Size 6 Bat - Under 12 Youths Club kit boyS club Kit 1 x Kookaburra Puma Kashmir Willow Bat or AL TOT TS 2 BA 1 Gray-Nicolls or Sprartan Kashmir Willow Bat 3 x Kingsport PVC runlite pads 3 x Kingsport Club Special gloves (Leather Palm) 1 x Gray-Nicolls Stumper WK gloves 1 x Kingsport Cotton Padded Inners 1 x Kookaburra 600 Wicket Keeping pads 6 x Puma A Grade stumps 4 Bails 1 x Kingsport Nylon Kit Bag (Green) 3 x Kingsport Club Protectors 2 x Kookaburra Kahuna Thigh Pads 1 x Kingsport Umpire s Counter 1 x CSW Score Book Kingsport with wheels 760 495 o ur Price Exp. 450 Better Bats can be added to this Kit at extra Cost 458. Small Boys Club Kit (Under 8 - 9 Years) Small Boys Gear Bat Sizes Under 10 years 2 x Size 5 Kookaburra Kashmir Willow or G-N Kashmir Willow Bat Bat Sizes Under 8 years 2 x Size 4 Kookaburra Kashmir Willow or G-N Kashmir Willow Bat 470 o ur Price Exp. 428 Small boyS club Kit (Under 10) Quantity of Kit exactly as above . . . in Small Boys size 459. Mini Boys Club Kit (Under 6 - 8 Years) Mini Boys Gear mini boyS club Kit 1 x Gray-Nicolls Kashmir Willow Bat (Size 3) 1 x Kookaburra Kashmir Willow Bat (Size 2) 3 x Kingsport PVC Mini Pads (runlite) 3 x Kingsport Club Special Mini gloves 1 x G-N Stumper WK Gloves - Small Boys W 2 x Sets Plastic PVC Stumps Bases 1 x Kingsport Club Kit Bag (Green) 3 x Kingsport Small Boys Protectors 1 x Kingsport Umpire s Counter 2 x Sets els he 1 x CSW Spiral Score Book Kingsport o ur Price For Wicket Keeping Pads Kingsport Stumper Add 30 Extra For Kingsport Inners (Cotton) Add 5 Extra 635 400 Exp. 364 Bats purchased from us Knocked-in E FR E 1 day Your bat is lightly machine rolled to ensure just enough hardening of the blade to assist against severe denting. Then oiled 2- 6 day Hand knocked-in daily with smooth wooden mallet concentrating on edges and toe 3- 6 day Bat is hand rolled daily on light hand roller to toughen up your bat other Bats Knocked-In 40 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Bat rolled 11 Bat Sleeved 11 Follow us on kingsgrovesports 53 Stumps Accessories Prices are available to Club School & individuals All Prices include se t of 6 Stumps plus 4 Bails unless othe rwise Stated el Mod C lub radE H a G M aT C Export 38.20 el Mod C lub radE H a G M aT C Export 38.20 r de o Gra ic t s is t r D Export 68.20 Export 54.55 t Te s Stu Prem bs ie r C lu Export 100 mps Prem bs ie r C lu Export 72.75 Export 18.20 Set of 6 Bails Kookaburra 60 75 Gray-nicolls 55 460. Puma a Grade Stumps Hardwicket 42 55 461. Puma a Grade Stumps turf 42 80 140 462. G-n Kookaburra Shield Stumps Upmarket Turf stump sets for districts & Club level 463. Kookaburra turf english ash For First 110 OUR OWN - English Ash Set of 6 Bails 110 with Metal shoe Set of 6 Stumps 4 Bails For Turf Wicket Set of 6 Stumps 4 Bails Class or County Cricket by Kookaburra 464. Kingsport english ash cricket Stumps 80 25 465. Gray-nicolls Printed Stumps 20 For districts & Grade Cricket Set of 6 Stumps Bails For your Garbage Bin. Backyard Cricket Export 45.45 Export 20.90 Export 22.75 Export 59.10 Export 68.20 Export 36.40 While S tocks L ast Export 68.20 Kookaburra Kookaburra SP EC i Al PR iC E 25 P u ma 75 P u ma Wind Resist 30 23 80 65 65 40 85 75 65 50 466. metal Practice Stumps Per unit of 3 stumps on base. Puma Gray-Nicolls or Kooka 467. rebound Practice Stumps Upmarket Indoor Outdoor spring loaded stumps. Kooka Puma 468. rebound Stumps by Spartan Indoor Outdoor spring loaded stumps 469. Kooka Springback metal Stumps Perfect Indoor Outdoor. Tough & durable stumps 470. Kingsport Plastic Heavy base Stump Set Tough & durable stump 471. Kingsport Stump Holder bag Canvas or 15 nylon. Hard ends for protection. Club Kit bag Export 22.75 Export 22.75 Export 31.85 Export 59.10 Export 54.55 Export 90.90 Ec ono my d t W insistan e R la 2 F s g hin Ba ils or Ye ll o w k in Hot P e S p a ce Ag 25 30 50 PLASTIC Half Size Exp. 27.30 WooDEN Exp. 45.45 25 473. Kingsport target Plastic Spring loaded. Assists bowling fielding. Team drills Single 35 Back Target Stump 65 475. Fusion multi Stump with Spike Totally flexible bounce back rebound stump. Indestructible 60 476. Gray-nicolls Heavy base Stumps Plastic Stumps with rubber base wind resistant. Heavy base holds stump down 100 477. Zings backyard Stumps Flashing Cricket wickets Bails and Battery included 472. target Stump by Gray-nicolls Spring loaded drill stumps. 474. Kookaburra target Spring Plastic or Wooden Plastic & Wooden Export 5.45 478. a Grade bails Gray-Nicolls Kookaburra 6 Export 13.65 Set of 4 Export 10.90 479. Heavy Duty bails Set of 4 12 15 Export 9.10 480. metal Stump Gauge Gray-Nicolls Kookaburra 481. Kingsport Stump mallet For hitting in Cricket Stumps 10 482. Zing cricket bails Australia s Big Bash Bails 35 Exp. 31.85 Includes Batteries 54 Buy online . . . Export 13.65 Team Accessories Cricket Coaching These Prices are available to Clubs Schools & Individuals 483 - 485 Markers Domes Holders Discount Bulk 25 483. Field Markers - Soft 9 cm Assorted colours 484. Witches Hats - Hard or Collapsible 9 inch Assorted colours 485. Domes Hard plastic Soft Dome Field Marker W at es H itch Mar disc ker 486. Kingsport Water Bottles Royal Gold White Sky 487. Kingsport Water Bottle Holder 16 Bottles 488. Kingsport Water Bottle Holder 12 Bottles 486 488 1.50 2 2.25 5 35 28 Discount 1.25 1.75 1.95 4.00 N A N A Export Bounce Back Nets 489. Crazy Catch Wild Child Bounce back rebound net. Easy carry strong durable & practical. Hand eye co-ordination at its best. Mid size model. Use anywhere onfield indoors beach or backyard. Two sided response net with insane unpredictable return. Comes with a soft ball Size 86 x 86 cm Mid 205 186.40 490. Kingsport rebound Net - our own import Extra strong and durable Size 41 x 41 covered edges. Adjustable. Deluxe Heavy Duty - Team or Individual model 195 Discount 177.30 Export 489 490 Score Boards 491. Gray-Nicolls or Kookaburra Portable Score Board Easy & very lightweight fold away. Perfect for individual Club teams captains or scorers. Transportable. 165 195 400 350 S imple to uSe 150 177.30 N A 492. Gray-Nicolls Deluxe Portable Score Board 205 41 x 41 M id Siz e Easy & very lightweight fold away. Includes Target 493. cleverScore Stand up cricket Scoreboard 9 digit scoreboard. Shows wickets current score over number and target. Utilises Patented CleverScore systems and is easy to use. Highly visible. 195 492 492. cleverScore uber Fold cricket Scoreboard 9 digit scoreboard which folds into a small bag. Utilises Patented CleverScore systems highly visible and super portable. N A - N o J ammiNg 493. clever Score modules Sensational easy to use modules with maximum clarity. Make your own Score Boards. Perfect for Cricket Football and other sport. High visibility. 1 - 9 Units Available in Black White or Black Gold 30 cm x 17 cm 22 20 340 20 18.20 309.10 494 10 Units 491 494. Dimension Home Ground GS5 batting net Ground Secured Fibreglass Frame UV Treated Net Size - 5 Metre (L) 3 Metre (W) 3 Metre (H) Also See Page 50 492 493 ALSO SEE PAGE 50 - FOR MORE CRICKET NETS Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 55 Prices are available to Clubs Schools & Individuals English Willow Coaching Aids Me Ha r SH 5 ize S row ns Kookaburra Exp. 40.90 Snr - SH Jnr - Size 6 45 SH SENIOr Exp. 77.80 85 SH Harro w Size 5 Kingsport Exp. 36.40 54 3 Bats 54 60 3 Bat s 495. Eye-in Batting Trainer Exp. 26.40 29 Gray-Nicolls Exp. 86.40 95 40 Exp. 54.55 60 Exp. 54.55 Improves batting using methods developed by Don Bradman. Comes with leather ball golf ball & instructional DVD 496. Gray-Nicolls Coaching Board Training tool for Cricket Coaches. Clipboard Style 497. Technique Training Bats Great for improving batting skills 498. Kingsport Technique Training Bat Great for improving batting skills 499. Kookaburra Kahuna fielder Bat 500. Kingsport Zone Catch Bat High flying foam. For fielding drills Gray-Nicolls Kookaburra Sleeved Big Edges Essential for High Catch fielding practice SoFT 2 Bats 85 Exp. 86.40 Exp. 9.10 10 HArD HArD 95 Exp. 86.40 95 Exp. 16.40 18 Exp. 13.65 15 Exp. 17.30 19 501. Gray-Nicolls Catch Bat Perfect for catching & fielding drills 502. Gray-Nicolls Cloud Catcher Special High Flying catch bats for expert fielding drills. High density foam 503. Kookaburra Super Coach Technique Ball on string to develop batting skills 504. Kingsport Batting Aid - Leather Ball on string to develop batting skills 505. Gray-Nicolls Batting Master Improves batting skills. Helps batting techniques. Suitable for all cricketers Improves hand eye coordination English Willow 6 inch 6 Hurdl e Bulk 3 7.30 Pac k 0 of 1 8 ry da un ure Bo eas M E SP C iA l PR iC E TO Cl EA R 12 inch 10 506. Kingsport Speed Hurdle Improve fitness and speed in either 6 inch or 12 inch 1 2 H u r dl e Bulk 3 9.10 Exp. 59.10 65 Exp. 59.10 65 Exp. 10.90 12 4 metres Exp. 22.75 25 507. Gray-Nicolls Fielding Disc - Pack of 10 Mark out One Day fielding circle 508. Kingsport Tape Measure 100m. Ideal for measuring and marking bowling run-ups and playing fields 509. Grary-Nicolls Bowling Target - Line & Length Practice bowling line and length Provides normal natural bounce 510. Gray-Nicolls Catching Gloves Assist fielding practice. Palm & finger protection Sm. Mens MED (Mens) Large X Large New og Go ly Bulk 3 Disco 10% unt Bulk 3 Discou 10% nt SENIOr Exp. 9.10 10 Kookaburra Exp. 6.40 Gray-Nicolls Exp. 7.30 13 Inch 7 8 Exp. 63.65 70 Exp. 54.55 60 Exp. 90.90 100 511. Gray-Nicolls Crater reflex Ball 512. reflex Balls Googly Improve reaction time. Ideal for reflex catching. Test your hand and eye co-ordination New Special Reflex ball for Fielding Drills 513. Gray-Nicolls Baseball Ultimate Fielding Glove 13 right Hand or Left Hand Great for coaches to use during fielding drills. 514. MVP original Baseball Mitt Great for coaches for fielding drills. 11 inch - 13 inch 515. Eye-in Katchet Sharpen your reflexes & improve slips catching & Wicket Keeping. Light durable easy to transport. 56 Buy online . . . improve your Cricket by using our training Aids Bulk 3 Disco 10% Coaching Aids Bulk 3 Disco 10% unt unt 6 F eet 72 85 516. Pugg Goals Net For fielding & bowling practice. Comes in carry bag. Lightweight & easy to assemble. Used by Aust. team. Exp. 77.30 65 517. Sondico Pop-up Net Target net Comes with carry bag. Exp. 59.10 4 F eet 65 Exp. 59.10 Used behind stump for throwing & bowling practice Available sizes are 48 or 72 50 48 one Size 518. Gray-Nicolls Pop-up Net Ideal for Fielding and Bowling Drills. Comes with Carry Bag. Eady Essembly Exp. 45.45 90 Exp. 81.85 New ro St nge B r & er ett 60 E l i t e Model Exp. 54.55 50 519. Sidearm Elite & Sidearm Club Speed generated throw ball unit for batting practice. Can be used with hard or soft balls C l u b Model one Size Exp. 45.45 95 Exp. 86.40 10% 3 Units Discount 520. Gray-Nicolls All round Cricket Target Fielding and Bowling training. Heavy Duty Construction. Carry bag included Score Sheet NoT INCLUDED unless requested All hire m aterial 521. Hire Cricket Kit 522. Hire Cricket Kit must be pre-ord Hire ered Standard ( Less cricket ball ) Cost 100 Deposit Deluxe ( Less cricket ball ) Cost 160 Deposit 50 100 rEFUNDABLE DEPoSITS MUST BE PAID oN CoLLECTIoN Cricket balls are not included in kits Scorebook NoT INCLUDED book Kit ed e arly s Export 227.30 250.00 Bowling Machine Nets 523 Jugs Bowling Machine Simulates all deliveries Easy Adjustments For all age groups Portable & easy to move Robust construction Power source 240v Five year Guarantee Prices are sub jec t to change without notice Includes Transport To Sydney 523. Jugs Bowling Machine Includes freight to Sydney Discount Export 524 Highly recommended. Very famous. Most popular. 524. Jugs Bowling Machine Dimple Balls Per Unit 525. Jugs Automatic Feeder Per Unit 526. radar Gun For Bowling Speed 4100 10 1200 2000 Discount 3730 9.10 1090 1818 Export 527 - 529 Synthetic Grass 1.83m or 3.66m roll Widths Per Square Metre roll Lengths 11M 15M 22M 30M 33M Sold by the Square Metre 527. Synthetic Grass Grade Good economy quality grass. 528. Synthetic Grass Shield Higher quality grass perfect for all round indoor outdoor cricket. 1.83m or 2.75m or 3.66m roll Widths 37sqm 42 sqm 45 sqm 250 33.65 38.20 40.90 Per Drum 529. Synthetic Grass Test Premium quality grass. 2.75m or 3.66m roll Widths 542 - 543 540 530. Glue Glue for Synthetic Grass Per 20 Litre drum Approximately 40 Litre required Per wicket PRicES aRE SuBjEct to chaNGE cuttiNG coSt aND FREiGht WiLL aPPLy Nets with taped borders and 6mm ropes 544 Cricket Nets 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. Bulk - 2 Nets Plus 10% discount Export Cricket Net No 1 - 3 x 3 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 2 - 3 x 5.5 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 3 - 3 x 10 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 4 - 3 x 15 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 5 - 3 x 20 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 6 - 3 x 25 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 7 - 3 x 30 Metre Available in Black colour Cricket Net No 8 - 3 x 40 Metre Available in Black colour 545 60 95 150 215 290 355 450 560 395 475 54.55 86.35 136.35 195.45 263.65 322.75 409.10 509.10 Export 541 539. The Paceman original Bowling Machine S2 Variable speed up to 90 Kph Adjustable full pitch & short pitch deliveries plus inswing & outswing 12 ball automatic feeder. Uses Paceman light or LTD Balls 359.10 540. The Paceman LTD Bowling Machine Export Extended 24 Ball automatic feeder Simplified Universal Pitch and Swing adjuster High output motor Variable speed to 100KPH Use light or Junior or LTD Balls 431.85 541. the Paceman Pro Bowling Machine X2 For Club and domestic use Auto feeder NOT INCLUDED Veriable speed Use all types of Paceman Balls 1200 Exp. 1090.90 90 Per dozen Balls 50 Per dozen Balls 50 Per dozen Balls 40 Per dozen Balls 325 Bucket of 48 Balls 180 542. The Paceman reg Ball For use in Pro Machine (Hard) 543. The Paceman Light Ball For use in all Machines 544. The Paceman Junior Ball Junior pace and feel 545. The Paceman LTD Ball A light Ball 546. The Paceman regulation Hard Ball Bucket (48 Balls) 58 541a. The Paceman Pro Ball Feeder Cric ke t Clo t hing Kingsgrove Sports Club School Corporate Trust us - 40 years serving Australia in Cricket Let s take the responsibility off your hands 179 Kingsgrove road Phone 02 9502 4533 Email jmuir Fax 02 9502 4503 Kingsgrove NSW 2208 W HIGH QUALITY W Manufactured in China Custom made Cricket clothing De signs cre at ed for you or made to your own de sign BLUE ELE Australian Sri Lankans Cape Town 2015 GOLDEN OLDIES Sydne y Uni Golden Oldies PHAN T P e n r it h Sydne y Uni 2 Randy Petes 2 Black town NAME Arche b ry Clu ASC A Golden Oldies CAMPBELLTOWN Mosm an Camp b e ll t o wn I ll a w a rra Shirts 38 Long Sleeve Shirts 40 Training Tee 30 Pants 48 Shorts 28 Training Vests 27 Multiple logos - No further cost F Surcharge apply under 12 units F 6 Weeks Delivery 59 Cricket Range 2016-2017 Kingsgrove Sports These Prices are for Bulk Buy Orders only cricket Shirts with Piping Cream or White Upmarket Coolmax Air flow mock mesh material Moisture management 3 4 sleeve short sleeve MADE To orDEr in your Club colours cricketer Plain Shirts Plain White or Cream Short sleeve Air flow mock mesh material Upmarket moisture management Available oFF SHELF t spor King e Zon t spor r King kete Cric Pro Air Ventilation Junior 8 10 12 14 Senior Extra Small - 5XL Junior 8 10 12 14 Senior Extra Small - 5XL 24 Exp. 21.80 23 Exp. 19.10 Embroidery 4.00 Per shirt for club Logo club Name etc Surcharge for orders Under 12 units will apply discounts available Bulk Buy new embroidery involving Sponsor s name surcharge apply In-house Printing club logos Sponsors Name Logo Numbers and Names - PrICE oN APPLICATIoN Air V t en ion ilAt Whit e Whit e Whit e Colo ured Colo ured Back Side t Shir Elite G-N s Pant Elite G-N OFF SHELF 25 27 t Shir t spor King s Pant t spor King OFF SHELF 23 20 Ko t Shir t A Shir oka P s Pant t A Shir oka P 21 22 t Shir erf. Pro P G-N 28 36 Z Kings Shir t one 25 32 Ko s Pant erf. Pro P G-N s Pant Zone Kings OFF SHELF Off Shelf-Supply 4 -7 days 5 weeks Lead Time Elite Junior Shirts & Pants 4 - 16 Elite Senior Shirts & Pants S - XXXL Kingsport Senior Shirts & Pants S - XXL Junior Shirts & Pants 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 Senior Shirts & Pants Small - XXXL Shirts & Pants Small - XXXL SHIrTS Maroon White Navy White Navy Red Royal White Bottle Gold Royal Gold Black White Black Gold Black Red PaNTS Navy Bottle Marron Royal Black Red Shirts 10 - 4XL Pants 10 - 4XL Panelled Made To Measure coloured Cricket Clothing We can also make to your required design - 5 weeks Lead time m Pre ier Polo ek Eur olo a P a lmax e coll Coo on th name Club with r Shirts leg are Squ sh o Me Micr ly Goog re o Fib Micr SHOrTS Senior Junior 25 Pants 16 Air Ventilation King pic s E ick Hit W et Mag pies 32 all No B Flow Air e Zon lmax Coo Above shorts or other designs can be made from Micro fibre or Air flow Coolmax Sizes SENIor XS - 5XL JUNIor 8 - 16 ( Pants Shirts Shorts ) 60 Buy online Sublimated Clothing Prices negotiable for larger orders Your budget alternative from the Sub-Continent Shirts 32 Long Sleeve Shirts 35 Training Tee 27 Pants 40 Shorts 20 Training Vests 22 We supply to your own design Use your own Sponsors Logos Colours Kingsport Orana O u t la w s Hitte rs Northe r n in la n er d B o lt s Panan ia ACT Aces Orang e Blacktown Panania Barbarians SUCC A SC A Murra y y Va ll e V ip e r s Penri th All Sponsors and Club logos can be printed at no extra cost Unlimited Prints No Embroidery required F No Embroidery Cost F 6 Weeks Delivery Moisture Management Polyester Junior 6 8 10 12 14 16 Senior XS - 4XL Surcharge of 5 per shirt will apply for orders under 20 units and individual Numbers 61 Shirts 38 Long Sleeve Shirts 40 Training Tee 30 Pants 48 Shorts 28 Training Vests 27 No Embroidery required F No Embroidery Cost F 8 Weeks Delivery POl O S C iDC WCC C Stock C ton J C mpire NSW U s tRA iNiN g AS CA Sla yer s Bla ckt own Pan ania CC Negotiable discount available for total orders HAt S CAP Whi te Headwear Sunglasses S Off Whi te Kings Sunhat 13 each bulk 12 10 each including Embroidery 1 - 100 caps 15 each 101 - 200 caps 14 each 201 - 299 caps 13 each 300 caps 10 each We can make to your design or colours - Minimum order 100 Plus Embroidery Extra 5.00 F Set up cost Per New logo SuNgl Pads & Super Soaker included Sta ASSES HElmE tS NEW & iMPROVED albion elite club Helmet High impact Poly Pro Pylene moulded shell with ePS liner Quick Fit Faceguard Gray-nicolls elite 1000 aDult Sunglasses Black red 45 Avail. Navy Bottle Black Maroon Small 54 - 58 cm Large 59 - 63 cm 100 Exp. 90.90 nd Meets Certified n da rd s Cloth covered as above Moulded shell with EPS liner Quick release clip Gray-nicolls elite 1000 Junior Sunglasses Black red 29 Avail. Navy Bottle Black Maroon Small 54 - 56 cm Large 57 - 58 cm Exp. 45.45 50 62 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports Meets Certifi albion c12 Junior Helmet ed Sta NEW & iMPROVED Junior Helemt ar ds Helmets Headwear to Br itis h Stand ICC ard 547. Gray-Nicolls Test Opener Helmet Exceptionally strong new design with fixed steel grill ABS outer shell & 3 air vents plus ESP inner shell for maximum protection Sleek superfine satin cloth covers 3 sets interchangeable pods Navy Green Maroon Black Red Yellow Small (55-56cm) Med (57-58cm Large (59-60cm) XL (61-62cm) 548. Kookaburra Pro 800 Helmet New fully compliant ergonomically designed shape Light weight ABS protection Comfortable fit adjustment pads (3 sizes supplied) Reinforced steel faceguard Navy Bottle Green Maroon Mini (54 - 56cm) Junior (56-58cm) Senior (58 - 60cm) New Complies Brit is h ICC St an da rds Con for ms Single 125 Club 2 Single Club 2 110 115 ndar ds Exp. 104.55 105 Exp. 95.45 100 90 Exp. 90.90 Exp. 81.90 Bri tis h C I ta CS New 549. Gray-Nicolls Atomic Helmet Strong non-flex peak & non-reflective faceguard for top protection Sleek satin cloth covers ABS outer shell & 3 air flow vents ESP inner shell for maximum protection Secure & comfortable fit with special adjustment dial Navy Bottle Green Maroon Black 2XS - XS (51-54cm) S-M (55-58cm) L - XL (59-62cm) XL (61-62cm) 550. Kookaburra Pro 400 Helmet New fully compliant ergonomically designed shape & comfortable fit Light weight ABS protection Comfort fit padding and custom dial adjustment Steel faceguard Navy Bottle Green Maroon Black Mini (54 - 56cm) Junior (56-58cm) Senior (58 - 60cm) New Complies Britis h ICC S ta nd ard s Compl ies Single 90 Club 2 Single Club 2 80 ndar ds Exp. 72.75 72 75 Exp. 65.45 Exp. 68.20 67 80 Exp. 60.90 tis h I C ta CS New 551. Gray-Nicolls Junior Elite Helmet 552. Gunn & Moore Icon Geo Helmet Technically advanced & compliant high performance helmet Impact absorbing Robust peak & precisely positioned Geo steel grill New dial adjustor improved fit & comfort Navy Bottle Green Maroon Senior Large Senior Senior Small Junior Specially designed for juniors Strong non-reflective faceguard Sleek satin covers ABS outer shell JU N I OR with 3 air flow vents Size adjustment dial for comfortable fit Navy Green Black Small Junior (51-52cm) Boys Junior (53-54cm) Youth (55-56cm) New Complies B ritis h IC C Sta nd ard Bri s Compl ies Single 80 Club 2 Single Club 2 125 75 Exp. 68.20 67 Exp. 60.90 105 95 Exp. 95.45 Exp. 86.40 One Size One Size 29 For the Test Opener Helmet Provides full neck protection High density foam & fibre shield Exp. 26.40 29 For Atomic & Junior Elite Helmets Provides full neck protection High density foam & fibre shield Exp. 26.40 30 555. Kookaburra Neck Protector Sizes - Junior or Senior Colour - Black Lime Export 27 553. Gray-Nicolls Neck Guard ( Test Opener ) 554. Gray-Nicolls Guard ( Dial Helmets ) Helmet Accessories 556. Gray-Nicolls Helmet Nuts ( Set of 4) 559. Gray-Nicolls Chin Cup 6.00 557. Albion Nuts ( Set of 4) 558. Albion Ear Pads 14.00 4.00 14.00 Kingsgrove Sports Partnering with Supporing Origin Grand Cricket Australia 63 Cricket Sunhats Caps Kingsgrove Sports E m b r o i d e r y 5.00 Per Hat Bulk Orders 12 Units Plus Kingsgrove Upmarket High Quality Sunhats White Off W hite 561. Umpires Hat SINGLE 562. Kings Sunhat - Off White White Bulk 12 SINGLE Bulk 12 20 16 13 10 565. Kookaburra Cap - Training 15 563. Gray-Nicolls Sunhat - Off White Youth S M L XL XXL SINGLE 564. Kookaburra Sunhat - Off White S M L XL XXL SINGLE Bulk 12 Bulk 12 13 11 13 11 566. Kingsgrove Caps - Promotional 12 Cricket ARM-GLOVE T H E I C E M AT E Cool Inner Cap Helmet Friendly Design Sun Protection urs r colo & othe available in White 17 Senior Children - One size fits most When wet even cooler Unique design for warm weather Offers cooling comfort inside your helmet Constructed from an exclusive moisture-activated fabric. This cooling cap effectively draws heat from your head. Keeps your head cool Quick moisure wicking & drying under your helmet one Size fits most Easy carry pouch - 3 x 3 SUper DrY Cap e f f e c t i v e ly d r aw s s w e at from the head 20 Ultrafine Microfiber SUper DrY ToWel Super Absorbent Soft & durable Anti-bacterial Super light weight Fast drying material Absorbs 4 times it s weight in water Fits into a tiny pocket in your Cricket bag Travel Perfect Soft & durable Size - extra large (X-large) Colour - Blue purple Grey An absolute must to keep your body temperature cool ( UPf 50 ) Prevents Fielders ARM GRAZInG Super soft light weight cool comfortable Perfect for Australian and Sub-Continental conditions Perfect for all sports in extreme heat - body cooler Harry Solomons Personal Endorsement 25 A Miracle innovative Sun elbow hand protector for Cricketers If nOt 100% SAtISfIEd MOnEy BACk GUARAntEEd 64 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport 65 Henz Cricket neck Guard New Fits Your existing Helmet Henz Fitting on your helmet 567. HENZ Cricket Neck Guard - FREE 65 The HENZ Cricket Neck Guard is designed to provide additional protection to the back of your head and neck region. In most cases it will fit onto your existing helmet ADDITIONAL EXTRAS Exp. 59.10 Available in Navy Bottle Green Maroon - Nuts or Bolts (Set of 4) included with Guard Nuts 4mm (Set of 4) 19 Bolts 5mm (Set of 4) 19 Spacers 4mm (Set of 10) 14 Bring your helmet into any of our stores for a FREE HENZ Neck Guard fitting Club Name printed on the back 2 Layer Process 15 (Minimum 10 sets) If ordering online - Indicate you need Nuts or Bolt Perfect for Fielders or Wicket Keepers Patent Pending Shrey Helmets 568. Shrey Master Class Air Helmet U TITANIUM VISOR U Certified to latest British Standards Lightest possible at 750g Advanced air flow system Extended at back for extra safety Adam Voges Chris Gayle and Virat Kholi Model With Shrey neck guard Navy Bottle Green Black 569. Shrey Pro Guard Helmet U STAINLESS STEEL VISOR U Perfect light weight 940g Improved fixed grill safety first Increased facial & side protection Removable washable sweat band Extended at back for extra safety Navy Bottle Green Black 570. Shrey Performance Helmet U MILD STEEL VISOR U Super value for money helmet Fixed grill safety first Removable washable sweat band Conforms to British ICC Standards Navy Bottle Green Black 571. Shrey Neck Guard High Density closed Cell Foam One Size Fits All 40 Standard Mens (58 - 61cm) X-Large (60 - 63cm) 275 Small Mens (54 - 57cm) Standard Mens (58 - 61cm) X-Large (60 - 63cm) Boys (51 - 54cm) Youth (54 - 57cm) Standard Mens (58 - 61cm) X-Large (60 - 63cm) SENIOR Mens - XL Export 250 160 Exp. 145.45 80 Exp. 72.75 JUNIOR Boys - Yth 65 Exp. 59.10 40s Oveir ket c Cr play cricket in THE WEST INDIES 17 th Golden Oldies World Cricket Festival 7 th-14 th May 2017 Barbados - Festival 14 th-18 th May 2017 Antigua - Tour Fun Friendship & Fraternity Wives partners and kids welcome to join For full details contact Harry Solomons or Stephanie Coory 9502 4533 harry 66 Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports Bat Cabinets Displays Kingsgrove Sports Exclusive C abine t c an be mad e f or you in Blac k Gold Frame Mahogany Frame Burgandy Mat t Bac kd rop F F Size Bat or ull F F Size Bat or ull 165 572. Economy Space Saver Walnut 235 573. Premium Walnut 574. Bat Cabinets with Printed Backdrop You provide the signed bat - We do the rest 400 You provide signed ball we produce the cabinet You provide the item we produce the rest 250 575. Ball Framed with Player Portrait & History You provide the signed Ball F Mini Bat or F Mini Bat or F Mini Bat or 80 576. Economy Single 95 577. Economy Double You provide the item. We provide the cabinet & photos 110 578. Economy Triple Mini F Mini Bat or 110 579. Premium Single 230 581. Cabinet (Boxed) with Batting Gloves & Photo 582. With Mark Waugh Signed Glove 250 300 580. Cricket Ball With Player Photo Perfect Trophy with Engraving Samp le Samp le Samp le 100 582. Acrylic Display Unit - Shoes Cricket Footy etc Also avail. for Helmet Bottle etc Samp le 90 583. Acrylic Display Unit - Cricket Cap 400 415 584. Bat Cabinet Mounting Frame with Photos & Engraving You provide signed bat - we do the rest 585. Framing Cricket Shirt or Jersey Multi Photos and wording included 450 Samp le Samp le 60 589. Three Balls Display Case 20 592. Acrylic Ball Cube 50 590. Two Balls Display Case Samp le 185 586. Mini Bat Framed You provide signed item with Detail Photo 200 587. Mini Bat Framed You provide signed item with Photos and wording 400 588. Framing or Mounting Shirt Cricket Rugby Footy 35 591. Single Ball Case 25 593. Ball Holder For mounting signed Balls With Multiple Detail 3 Photos 67 David Warner TEST CRICKET REplICa TEST ShIRT Look and feel like the Test players of today in this replica Test shirt Mens - 105 S - 2XL Youths - 85 8 -16 Ava i lable October CRICKET auSTRalIa BaCKpaCK Tough durable construction. Fully adjustable shoulder straps - 60 60 Youths M ens 85 Glenn Maxwell 105 REplICa oDI Cap ODI Cap with adjustable fit - 30 onE Day InTERnaTIonal REplICa oDI homE ShIRT New look ODI replica home shirt Mens - 105 S - 3XL Youths - 85 8 -16 Ava i lable October 30 REplICa T20 InTl Cap T20 replica cap with adjustable fir - 30 30 M ens SuppoRTER TRuCKER Cap Youth Adult - 22 105 Youths 85 James Faulkner T20 InTERnaTIonal REplICa T20 InTl ShIRT The Australian T20 INTL replica shirt. 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Asics Playing Shirt Cream mens - Short Sleeve 624 Senior S M L XL XXL 3XL KOOKABURRA Stay Dry Cricket Shirts White or Cream SNR JNR 626. Kookaburra Cricket Shirt Pro Active Short Sleeve White or Cream Junior 6 8 10 12 14 16 Senior XS S M L XL XXL 3XL White or Cream 24 38 21 34 pr o ka koo pla ye rs 627. Kookaburra Cricket Shirt Pro Players Short Sleeve Long Sleeve 627 Senior S M L XL XXL XXXL The above shirts are Kookaburra Soft feel polyester quality material with extended tail for comfort and fit. Comfort fit mesh panels. Cricket Socks Accessories 628. Puma Cricket Socks Cream - Grey Foot 30% Woo l 629. Gray-Nicolls Storm Cricket Socks 30% Wool Youth 2 - 6 Mens 7 - 12 OSM 12 - 14 80% Woo l 630. Gray-Nicolls Cricket Socks Off White 70% Woo l 631. Kooka KB Players Crew Sock Cream Size 7 -12 65% WOOL Youth 2 - 6 Mens 7 - 11 Jumbo 12 - 14 PRO MODEL Junior 2 - 8 Mens 8 - 11 OSM 11 - 14 WOOL NYLON 16 Export 14.55 12 a Ultr Pad ded 20 Export 10.90 Export 18.20 19 f 3 k o Export 17.30 632. 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Kingsport Exclusive Cricket Pants (Our Own) White Absolutely top quality poly cotton stretch fabric Drawstring with pockets. Micro Ventilation Zone around back 641. Kingsport Noble Willow Cricket Trouser Cream Super NEW Upmarket Test Trouser with back pocket and Show Fly kin gs t por Junior 4 - 16 Senior S - 6XL 20 23 30 Clubs 18 20 27 32 Senior S - XXL 642. Kingsport Coloured Cricket Pants (On Order only) Made for One Day Cricket ( Coloured Outfit ) See Pages 59 Made Designs Cut & Sew Senior Junior Senior S M L XL XXL XXXL 4XL 5XL Junior 6 8 10 12 14 640 GRAY-NICOLLS Famous Range of Pants Senior or Junior 643. Gray-Nicolls Cricket Elite Pants White Snr S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL Jnr 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 30 40 40 50 27 36 36 45 644. Gray-Nicolls Players Trousers White te Senior S M L XL XXL gra y -Ni ls col Eli 645. Gray-Nicolls Legend Trousers Cream Junior 14 16 Senior Small Medium Large XL XXL Gray-Nicolls Legend & Players trousers are soft feel light weight stretch fabric zip fly in front & have a classy tailored look. Mesh inserts. Moisture Management. 643 KOOKABURRA Cricket Pants Range Senior or Junior 646. Kookaburra Pro Active Pants - Stay Dry White Junior 8 10 12 14 16 25 25 38 22 22 34 647. Kookaburra Pro Active Pants - Stay Dry White Senior Small Medium Large XL XXL 3XL en d gra y-N lls ico Leg 648. Kookaburra KB Pro Player Pants Cream Senior Small Medium Large XL XXL 3XL As worn by Pro players world wide 645 PUMA Cricket Pants Cream Senior 649. Puma Spirit Cricket Pants Cream Senior S M L XL XXL 40 ASICS Cricket Pants Range Senior or Junior 650. Asics Test Pants Cream Ac tiv e Senior XS S M L XL XXL 3XL Junior 8 10 12 14 16 Senior XS S M L XL XXL 3XL 55 35 45 45 ka koo pr o 651. Asics Cricket Pants White 646 - 647 652. Asics CA Logo Pants White Junior 14 16 74 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 Jumpers Pullovers Cricket Sweaters Available Colours on order Navy Sky Royal Gold Senior Economy Junior Green Gold Black Red Navy Red Navy Off White 657 659 - 661 48 Senior 654 Bulk 45 50 Code Cricket Jumpers Sweaters Single or Bulk Gray-Nicolls Ready Made Cable Stitch Off White Senior & Junior Available off shelf unless large quantity Single Club Bulk 6 653. 654. 655. 656. 657. Gray-Nicolls Gray-Nicolls Gray-Nicolls Gray-Nicolls Gray-Nicolls Sleeveless Junior Plain Off White Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16 Sleeveless Senior Plain Off White Sizes Small Medium Large XL XXL Long Sleeve Junior Plain Off White Sizes Boys Small Youth Youth Long Sleeve Senior Plain Off White Sizes Small Medium Large XL XXL Sleeveless with Stripes Many Colour Combinations - Club Colours Sizes Mens 48 50 55 65 65 N A N A N A N A Single 42 45 50 60 60 80 100 100 125 Club Bulk 9 Australian Made Club Sweaters Surcharge 10 per unit applies under 9 pc Made To Order 658. Australian Acrylic Sleeveless White or Cream with Club Colours ( stripes ) Units 9 659. Australian Acrylic Long sleeve White or Cream with Club Colours ( stripes ) Units 9 660. Australian Pure Wool Sleeveless 661. Australian Pure Wool Long sleeve Cream with Club Colours ( stripes ) Silver Fleece Units 9 Cream with Club Colours ( stripes ) Silver Fleece Units 9 Sizes 14 - 26 Sizes 14 - 26 Sizes 14 - 26 Sizes 14 - 26 Australian Made Economy Magnolia Sweaters Made To Order 662. 663. 664. 665. Plain Magnolia Sleeveless Cream White Junior 8 10 12 14 16 Senior Small Medium Large XL XXL Magnolia with Stripes Sleeveless Cream White Junior 8 - 16 Senior Small - XXL Plain Magnolia Long sleeve Cream White Junior 8 - 16 Senior Small - XXL Magnolia with Stripes Long sleeve Cream White Junior 8 - 16 Senior Small - XXL N A N A N A N A 50 60 65 80 Economy Magnolia (Stripes) Australian Made in Wool Acrylic blend Soft feel comfort and light Cable Knit 5 weeks from date of order Great modern look 662 See page 62 for total range MADE TO ORDER 50 Club Bulk 663 60 Club Bulk 35 Club Bulk 666. Kingsport Coloured Sweaters Off Shelf by order Made to order Small Medium Large XL XXL Single 50 Club Bulk Black Navy 42 Bulk 30 Bulk 35 Bulk 35 Bulk 35 668. Kingsport European Style Cricket Sweaters 667. Gray-Nicolls Pro Performance Sweater Light weight Polyester Jersey Micro fleece inner lining Cream Off White or Coloured Cricket Sweaters F Can be ordered to match your Club colours Sizes Junior Small Medium Large Senior S M L XL XXL XXXL Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on KingsgroveSport 75 m Tea Spo SN rt - R evo S D PEE Rub ber 3.4 Sizes 8 -15 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 -15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 -15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US evo ED SPE 5.5 - JN R evo ED SPE Spi ke 1.4 e l Sav ecia Sp 20 Junior Cricket Shoes While Stock L as ts 50 669. Gray-Nicolls Viper Junior Rubber Sizes 2 - 6 US No Half Export N A 30 70 670. Gray-Nicolls Omega Sigma Junior Rubber Soft light Exp. 59.10 65 80 Brilliant junior match rubber at sensational price on special upper mesh. Anti-scuff toe covering for additional protection. Rubber cleat design for hard surfaces Sizes 3 - 7 US No Half SP IKE shoe design. PU & mesh upper. Shock absorbing midsole. High traction rubber sole Sizes 3 - 7 US No Half SP IKE 671. Kookaburra Pro 1200 Junior Rubber Stylish running Exp. 63.65 70 U pm a r k e t 100 young cricketer. EVA soles make for a soft ride with rubber spikes for traction. 672. New Balance KC 4020 Junior Rubber Perfect shoe for the Sizes 3 - 6 US v No Half SP Exp. 77.30 85 IKE Th e B e s t 120 110 Exp. 100 Tu r f 90 up-market shoe. Considered the best junior rubber 673. Asics Gel Hard Wicket 5 GS High quality Sizes 3 - 7 US No Half 674. Gray-Nicolls Omega Sigma Jnr Spike PU & mesh upper combined with power frame design ensures lateral stability. Injected TPU 10 stud spike outsole for lightweight stable base Sizes 3 - 7 US No Half Exp. 77.30 85 Tu r f 100 675. Kookaburra Pro 1200 Jnr Spike Stylish Dual option spike shoe. Clima fresh lining with Durafoam midsole for shock absorption Exp. 81.85 90 Tu r f 120 110 Exp. 100 676. Asics Gel 100 Not Out Jnr Spike Excellent all-round turf shoe with Sizes 4 - 7 US No Half rear foot GEL unit to attenuate shock. Durable upper with mesh for breathability & comfort Sizes 3 - 6 US No Half For use on Tu r f W i c k e t s - H i C u t s New Bowling Boots Mail Order Cricket Shoes F If you are not sure of your exact shoe size fax us the outline of your foot without shoe Ensure you check and state your size in either US or UK foot size Always safer to phone fax email first for stock availability - Especially on specials Mail Orders Fax 02 9502 4503 F Stuart Broad Model 245 Exp. 195.45 215 Dale Steyn 200 Exp. 168.20 185 F 677. adidas adiPOWER Vector Mid Mid cut for increased ankle hold. Internal Vector strap cradles foot for ultimate support. Bevelled heel for batter transition jumping & landing phase of bowling motion Sizes 10 -13 US Half Sizes 10.5 - 11.5 US 678. New Balance CK4040 N3 Bowling all-rounder MD Used by world s best bowlers. REVlite midsole. Mid foot support strap. Cushioning under high impact. Sizes 8 - 15 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US 105 Limited Stock 679. Asics Gel Speed Menace LO Extensively researched Bowling Boot. Designed to work with the foot to reduce stress levels that cause injury Sizes 10 -15 US Half Sizes 10.5 - 11.5 US New Customized Spiking of Running Shoes Full Spike Call us for Stock availability 95 Single 190 Pair 145 Half Spike 135 77 Bring in your Runners or Cricket Shoes to us Follow us on kingsgrovesports Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Senior - R ubber Sole Shoes for use on Hard Wickets Selection and Choice . . . why we are No.1 55 680. County Lethal Senior Rubber EVA midsole with torsional stabiliser. Hard wearing rubber sole for durability Pure Economy Exp. 40.90 45 80 681. Gray-Nicolls Sigma Omega Snr Rubber Soft light mesh with high grade PU upper. Built on runners last for superior fit. Rubber cleat design ideal for hard dry surfaces or indoor use Exp. 6 8 . 2 0 75 80 Exp. 6 3 . 6 5 70 682. Kookaburra Pro 1200 Rubber Snr Sizes 7 - 13 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 8 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Stylish running shoe design. PU & Mesh upper Slip last for comfort & support. shock absorbing midsole. High traction rubber sole Sizes 8 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US SPECIA LP RI C E S e n i or 100 L ight Weight Exp. 7 2 . 7 5 80 120 683. Puma evoSPEED Rubber 3.4 Microfiber & air mesh upper. Evertrack rubber outsole for excellent traction. Lightweight midsole for excellent cushioning. Stitched toe guard for durability 684. New Balance CK 4020 C2 Rubber Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Exp. 86.40 95 100 685. Adidas Howzat AR AdiPrene Cushioning Exp. 81.85 90 For the all-rounder on hard wickets. Specific aggressive turf outsole. Acteva lite midsole. Durable Suitable for all surfaces & hard wicket. Supportive comfortable light weight. Mesh synthetic for breathability Sizes 7 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 - 13 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US SpI kES SolD looSE A NEW IDEA lo st A Spi ke . . N o p ro ble m Buy what you need in metal spikes Just one or two or 50 maybe 120 110 Exp. 100 150 Upmarket Rubber 140 Exp. 1 2 7 . 3 0 688. Gray-Nicolls Metal Spikes Loose Per Spike 75 686. Asics Gel Peake 5 Shoe has been purpose built for hardwicket cricket. Dimpled rubber outsole provides high levels of grip 687. Asics Gel Hard Wicket Rubbers Considered one of the best all round hard wicket shoes in the game. Stunning looks super durability & comfort Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US Buy what you need in conversion spikes just one or three or 50 maybe Sizes 7 - 16 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US 689. Gray-Nicolls Synthetic Conversion Spikes Loose Per Spike 75 Cricket Shoe Accessories 691. Gray-Nicolls Spikes Packet of 12 - Metal 23 Spikes - Metal 15 Spikes - Synthetic 15 Spikes - Synthetic 692. Gray-Nicolls Spikes & Spanner 693. Gray-Nicolls Conversion Spikes AdiPrene Cushioning 690. Adidas Adizero Boost S L 22 Sizes 9 - 13 US Half Sizes 9.5 - 11.5 US Limited Stock Exp. 195.45 215 694. Kookaburra Metal or Conversion Spikes 695. Gray-Nicolls Conversion Spikes 696. Asics Spikes 24 Spikes - Synthetic Revolutionary new batting shoe for turf or hard wicket. Incredible comfort. Serious world beater. Boost midsole. Kingsgrove & Westside only Metal Tip Metal Spike Resin Stud - Synthetic 697. Asics Keys for Studs 10 20 10 10 15 14 12 Exp. 9.10 Exp. 18.20 Exp. 9.10 Exp. 9.10 Exp. 13.65 Exp. 12.75 Exp. 10.90 78 The Perfect L ooks Buy online . . . Full and Half Spike shoes for use on Turf Wickets Cricket Shoes New Most Modern Full Spikes today can also be used as Half Spike cricket shoes. Just add conversion spikes 100 95 Exp. 8 6 . 4 0 100 Exp. 81.85 90 120 Light Weight Mesh & Synthetic 110 Exp. 1 0 0 698. Gray-Nicolls Omega Sigma Full Spike PU & mesh upper combined with power frame design ensures lateral stability. Injected TPU 8 stud spike outsole for lightweight stable bas 699. Kookaburra Pro 1200 Full Spike Stylish running shoe design. Combination PU & mesh upper. Comfort & support. Low profile midsole. Allrounder economy entry level shoe. 700. Adidas Howzat FS 2 Full Spike Micro weight athletic shoe profile. Clima Fresh Lining. Thermal flex Plastic heel counter for increased support. Lightweight nickel plated spikes for durability Sizes 8 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 8 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 - 13 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US New 150 125 701. Puma evoSPEED Spike 1.4 Exp. 113.65 145 Alastair Cook Model 135 Micro light microfibre & mesh upper for support & breathability. Superlight TPU outsole maximises pressure distribution traction & flexibility. 702. Gray-Nicolls Pro 1000 Full Spike Exp. 122.75 160 135 Exp. 122.75 Designed for top level cricketers. Ultra-light weight with extra stability & performance. Micro injected moulding & power frame brace mid-section. Superior fit. 703. New Balance CK 4030 C2 Full Spike Designed for all aspects of the game Batting bowling & fielding. It provides comfort & support from start to finish. Sizes 7 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 8 - 14 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US New 170 P e r f e ct B a t t i n g & F i l d i n g S h o e 155 704. Asics Gel Gully 5 Exp. 140.90 175 Specialist Batting 160 Exp. 145.45 190 P e r f e ct A l l r o u n d e r 175 Exp. 159.10 Versatile shoe used for Batting & fielding. Designed to offer cushioning & support while still being lightweight. 705. Adidas SL 22 FS 2 Super design quality batting spike for natural traction. Combination light upper incredible comfort support adiprene cushioning and super looks. 706. Asics Gel 220 Not Out Supportive all-rounder shoe designed to take the strain of fast bowling. Support from rear foot to fore foot with Kangaroo leather upper for superior comfort Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 6.5 - 13 US Half Sizes 6.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US New 200 P e r f e ct A l l r o u n d e r 185 707. New Balance CK10 Full Spike Exp. 168.20 200 4mm drop for better balance & control. REVlite midsole offer lightweight feel & protection. Fantom Fit upper for lateral support & reduce weight 708. Adidas adiPower Vector J i m m y A n d e r s o n Mo d e l Exp. 1 72.75 190 250 Exp. 218.20 240 New modern all-round shoe. Softer toe area mid foot strap super fit & comfort. EVA midsole. Additional cushioning bevelled heel decreased weight. 709. Asics Gel ODI Developed primarily as a batting shoe. Comfortable under foot with Fluid Ride midsole DuoMax & rearfoot GEL unit. Lightweight flexible & breathable upper Sizes 7 - 15 US Half Sizes 7.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 8 - 13 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US Sizes 8 - 15 US Half Sizes 8.5 - 11.5 US This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 79 Junior Selection SP Cricket Bags SP EC I AL EC I AL Limited Stock 72 x 30 x 30 cm 72 x 30 x 30 cm Wheel Bag 50 30 Export 27.30 70 60 Exp. 54.55 710. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Junior Pro Substantial main compartment with external bat compartment & extra pocket. Ideal junior Entry level bag. Black Yellow 715. Gray-Nicolls Fusion Elite or XP 70 Elite Junior bag with larger main compartment external bat compartment & end pocket - ideal for shoes helmet or towel. Fusion - Black Green Elite - Black Silver 60 x 28 x 26 cm 55 bat compartment. Made from quality Kookaburra Tuff polyester. Black Lime Royal Gold 50 84 x 40 x 36 cm Exp. 45.45 100 95 Exp. 86.40 711. Kookaburra Pro 400 Junior Bag Medium capacity bag with external 716. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow 750 Premium hard wearing main compartment takes all your gear. One external end pocket for personal items. Wheels. Black Lime Gold SP EC I AL 69 x 26 x 31 cm 85 75 70 x 40 x 35 cm SAV 0 E 3 Exp. 68.20 80 While Stock L as ts 60 Exp. 54.55 712. Gunn & Moore 606 Wheel Bag Junior wheel bag with external bat compartment. Padded handles & anti-scuff corner protection. 55 Litre volume. Black Blue SP 717. Spartan MC Junior Kit Bag Great medium size junior bag. External pocket for personal items plus a cool zone for drink. Fluro Yellow Blue Black EC I AL Bigger Junior 80 x 26 x 27 cm 87 x 30 x 30 cm 3 Col ours 75 55 Export 50 120 95 Exp. 86.40 713. Kookaburra Pro 500 Wheelie Medium capacity junior bag with extra pocket and durable wheels. Royal Gold 718. Kookaburra Pro 600 Wheel Bag Larger junior bag everything goes in this capacity bag. Cool pocket and external extra personal pocket. Black Lime Gray Orange Royal Gold 76 x 50 x 23 cm 85 x 37 x 37 cm 55 Padded Straps. Large opening & stand upright construction Black Orange 45 Export 40.90 90 80 Exp. 72.75 714. Puma evoSPEED Back Pack External Bat compartment. 719. Gray-Nicolls Deluxe Back Pack Vertical Sports bag with large compartment for Full Cricket kit storage. Internal bat sleeve for protection. Adjustable straps. External pocket. Black Red 80 Buy online . . . Good Select ion of well known Brands Cricket Bags 3 Col ours 97 x 33 x 36 cm 120 110 Exp. 100 88 x 36 x 34 cm 155 120 Exp. 109.10 720. Gray-Nicolls Omega Wheel Bag Holds a full cricket kit. Durable shape retention. Concealed padded bat compartment for two bats. Side zip pocket & insulated cool pocket for drinks & food. Black Royal Lime 725. Kookaburra Pro 800 Wheel Bag Large capacity bag. Internal footwear pocket. Additional external pockets & the Fridge stay cool pocket Internal pockets & heavy duty wheels. Black Lime Grey Orange Royal Gold 97 x 40 x 34 cm 140 125 100 x 40 x 37 cm 3 Col ours 721. Gray-Nicholls Powerbow Wheel Bag Soft coffin style bag. Holds full personal kit. Tractor style bigger wheels. Two external side pockets plus end pocket & insulated cool zone. Black Lime Export 113.65 175 135 Exp. 122.75 726. Kookaburra Pro 900 Wheel Bag Massive bag . Internal foot- wear pocket. Additional external & internal pockets. Helmet compartment. Soft feel handle & heavy duty wheels. Black Lime Grey Orange Royal Gold Col 100 x 36 x 38 cm 2 88 x 36 x 34 cm ours 160 150 Exp. 136.40 195 150 Exp. 136.40 722. Gray-Nicholls XP 70 1200 Wheel Bag Big soft coffin style bag for full pro kit. Tractor style wheels. Concealed padded bat compartment for two bats. Three external pockets plus cool zone. Black Silver 727. Kookaburra Pro 950 Wheel Bag Double tier design. Tier 1 Clothing Tier 2 Hardware. Internal pockets & Heavy duty wheels. Black Lime Royal Gold 2 105 x 40 x 40 cm 100 x 40 x 38 cm Col ours 150 165 Exp. 150 245 185 Exp. 1 6 8 . 2 0 723. Gray-Nicolls Omega 1500 Wheel Bag Big storage area in main compartment will hold pro kit. Tractor wheels. Three external pockets plus cool zone. Black Lime 728. Kookaburra Pro 1500 Wheel Bag Quad tier design. Tier 1 Accessories Tier 2 Clothing Tier 3 Hardware Tier 4 3 padded bat compartment. internal Footwear compartment. Mesh ventilation. Heavy duty wheels. Black Lime Royal Gold 2 110 x 40 x 40 cm 100 x 40 x 43 cm Col ours 200 185 Exp. 168.20 275 International Bag 215 Exp. 195.45 724. Gray-Nicolls Ultimate Wheel Bag Massive & generous storage for the pro player. Premium shape retention frame. Three external pockets plus cool zone. Navy White Black 729. Kookaburra Pro Players 1 LE Wheel Bag Cavernous equipment capacity. 3 external padded pockets. external bat pocket. Soft feel handles & heavy duty wheels. Black Lime Navy Gold Like us on Kingsgrovesportscentre Follow us on kingsgrovesports 81 Good Select ion of well known Brands 90 x 28 x 39 cm 140 Now 25% Extra Volume 130 Exp. 118.20 85 x 40 x 36 cm 110 partment. External bat compartment with front pocket. Soft grip handles. Navy Lava Orange 95 Exp. 86.40 730. Gunn & Moore 5 Star Original 808 Wheel Bag Large tough Nylon bag with plenty of room. Two side pockets end pocket & shoe tunnel. Anti scuff corner protection. All terrain wheels. Black Royal Red 735. Puma evoSPEED Wheel Bag Fully zippered opening into main com- 92 x 33 x 41 cm 190 N o w 3 0% E x t r a V o l u m e 175 Exp. 159.10 110 x 40 x 40 cm 135 120 Exp. 109.10 731. Gunn & Moore Original Easi-Load Wheel Bag Easi-Load system makes loading easy even when empty. Two external side pockets plus two external padded bat pockets. Black Royal Red 736. Puma evoSPEED XL Wheel Bag XL wheel bag. Large internal compartment with end & large side pocket. Lockable zips & wheels for easy transport. Navy Lava Orange Our 92 x 37 x 56 cm 91 x 33 x 33 cm Own 279 Now 55% Extra Volume 250 Exp. 227.30 90 I mp r o v e d & B i g g e r S e n s a t i o n a l Va l u e 60 732. Gunn & Moore Original Duplex Wheelie Versatile pro bag with bat cave for two bats. Horizontal or vertical use. All terrain wheels. Two side pockets lid pocket wallet & key pouch. The lot. Black Royal Red Exp. 54.55 737. Kingsport The Zone Epic Wheel Bag - Big Wheels Medium junior kit bag where your bat and kit all fit into the bag. Bigger track wheels for easy roll & less damage. One external pocket. Black Purple Orange Our 110 x 50 x 55 cm 93 x 35 x 35 cm Own 150 135 Exp. 122.75 135 Bigger Track Wheels SUPER PRICE 100 Exp. 90.90 733. Spartan Sparta 2000 Extra Large personal bag for full kit & more. Two large side pockets large shoe pocket & cool zone. Durable wheels and handle. Navy Sky 738. Kingsport The Zone 5 Star Large Wheel Bag - Big Wheels Improved further with bigger track wheels. Three small side pockets & One end pocket. Main compartment takes full kit. Black Red Aqua Blue Our 110 x 50 x 55 cm 100 x 40 x 40 cm Own 190 175 Export 159.10 150 Improved Design SUPER PRICE 135 Exp. 122.75 734. Spartan Steel XL Wheel Bag Massive main compartment with two bat pockets inside top lid. Two large side pockets plus large shoe pocket. Padded handle. Durable wheels. Black Grey White 739. Kingsport The Zone Vintage XL Wheel Bag - Big Wheels Improved design with bigger tack wheels. Full kit fits inside bag. Three smaller side pockets and two end pockets. Black Silver Gold 82 This catalogue must be read subject to the terms and conditions on page 2 Cricket Bags 185 XL Personal 170 Exp. 154.55 200 XX Large Personal 190 Exp. 172.75 145 Medium 135 Exp. 122.75 Three bat compartment plus a footwear pocket. Two great side pockets plus two other zip compartments. Red Black Yellow 97 x 40 x 40 cm 740. New Balance TC 860 XL Wheel Bag 741. New Balance 1080 LE Wheelie XXL Three bat compartment plus footwear pocket. Two side pockets plus extra two zip compartments. 114 x 40 x 40 cm Blue Yellow Lime Medium size Test bag holds 30 kg. Bat compartment. One side shoe compartment. 77 x 41 x 40 cm Red Orange Black 742. New Balance TC 560 Wheel Bag ff Du le ff Du le Du ff le 100 x 40 x 40 cm 98 x 36 x 31 cm To p T r a i n i n g D u f f l e 100 x 40 x 40 cm 70 x 30 cm 240 225 Exp. 204.55 250 235 Exp. 213.65 135 125 Exp. 113.65 85 60 82 x 34 cm Exp. 54.55 75 60 Exp. 54.55 743. Aero Stand Up Tour Bag Three bags in one - kit bag take home bag & toiletries bag. Black Silver 744. Gray-Nicolls Legend Wheel Bag Coffin bag with Padded bat compartments for 2 bats. Thermo-insulated side pocket. Retractable handle & wheels for easy transport. Black Silver pockets. Holds two bats. Versatile loading plus choice of compartments. Top of the range. Black Royal 745. Gunn & Moore Original Duffle Bag Gusseted side 746. Kooka KD2000 Duffle Paddad strap. Club or individual training equipment bag for easy loading. Bat & external mesh pockets. External storage & International valuable pouch. Black Lime SP E C I A L P R I C E 747. Kookaburra Pro Duffle Bag International profile for top player. Training kit. Large storage space. Black Lime 115 x 40 x 40 cm X-Large 96 x 43 x 43 cm X-Large 225 265 Pro Bag SP E C I A L P R I C E Export 204.55 95 135 To p P l a y e r B a g SP E C I A L P R I C E Export 86.40 748. SS (Sunridges) Gladiator Wheel Bag Massive Pro bag. Hugh main compartment Three extended compartment. One Bat pocket and Shoe pocket. Fully Padded. 749. SS (Sunridges) Matrix Wheel Bag Heavy Duty bag. Large main compartment. Four external pockets. Added Shoe pocket. Tractor style wheels. 96 x 40 x 40cm 91 x 38 x 35cm X-Large Large 225 245 P r o C h o i ce Export 204.55 165 175 To p L o o k s Export 150 750. MRF Genius LE Deluxe Heavy Duty Wheel Bag Giant size coffin bag. Premium PU material. Plus external side compartment and end pockets. 751. MRF Warrior Wheel Bag Heavy Duty Solid durable material. Three side pockets. Plus end pockets. Professional choice. S p e c i f i c C l u b K i t Bags - Please See Page 49 83 Mike Whitney Protective Sunglasses Optically Superior The Cron ulla The Bond i The Man ly The Coog ee The Jeno lan The Peris her Polycarbonate Lenses 12 Month Warranty Swiss Technology Hard Protective Case TR90 Frame Cuts out UV Rays Almost unbreakable ALL ModeLS 49.00 Indoor Sports Indoor Balls S ingl e Exp. 31.85 Indoor Bats S ingl e Exp. 36.40 35 40 Bulk 1 2 Exp. 27.30 30 Bulk 1 2 Exp. 33.65 Bat Cover included 37 leather with low impact centre 715. Gray-Nicolls Ultimate Indoor Ball Premium quality 716. Kookaburra Indoor Ball Leather outer with low impact centre Bowling Machine Balls Exp. 90.90 100 90 Bulk 3 S ingle Exp. 72.75 80 S ingl e Exp. 81.85 90 S ingl e S ingl e Export 9. 10 S ingl e Export 9. 10 10 10 Exp. 81.85 Exp. 63.65 70 Bulk 3 Bulk 3 Exp. 72.75 80 752. Gray-Nicolls Bowling Machine Ball Available in Yellow Orange Red 753. Kookaburra Bowling Machine Ball Available in Yellow Orange 754. G-N Super Indoor Bat Mens SH 755. G-N Indoor 100 Mens S H Small Mens 756. Puma evoSPEED 1 Indoor Bat Mens Batting Gloves S ingl e Wicket Keeping Gloves S ingl e 36 Exp. 32.75 38 35 758. Gray-Nicolls Indoor Batting Gloves Mens Youth Exp. 34.55 70 60 759. Puma evoSPEED Indoor WK Gloves Mens S ingl e 32 757. Puma evoSPEED 1 Indoor Batting Gloves Mens Bulk 3 Bulk 3 Exp. 63.65 Bulk 3 Exp. 29.10 Exp. 31.85 Exp. 54.55 30 27 S ingl e Exp. 27.30 20 18 761. County Clipper Indoor Batting Gloves Mens S ingl e Exp. 18.20 65 60 762. Gray-Nicolls Indoor WK Gloves Mens S ingl e Bulk 3 Bulk 3 Exp. 59 . 1 0 Bulk 3 Exp. 24.55 Exp. 16.40 84 760. County Classic Indoor Batting Gloves Mens Exp. 54.55 The Convenient Way To Order All Mail & Internet orders are through head office at Kingsgrove We welcome orders from around the world Secure online & Mail Order service Fax order 02 9502 4503 Sydney 61 2 9502 4503 International Mail order Kingsgrove Sports Locked Bag 5000 Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia orders Internet order Phone order 1300 552 999 Australia wide 02 9502 4533 Sydney 61 2 9502 4533 International Payment by Credit Card - Cheque - Money Order - Direct Debit Remember to include Phone Fax or Email details on all correspondence Delivery A supreme effort will always be made to despatch your order on the same or next day. Subject to stock availability We have an efficient mail order team standing by to process your order Use Order Form Overleaf to Fax or Post or use your own letterhead Within Australia delivery by Australia Post Allow 2 - 3 days for most destinations in Australia up to 7 working days for remote areas. Air Freight or Courier Delivery can be arranged at extra charge. We do not pay for courier delivery. Freight on Parcels up to 1 kg within Australia 15.00 Parcels over 1 kg will be charged as per weight and destination o verseas c ustomers International express FreIght guIde - I InternatIonal Express Freight Estimated Cost Asia Pacific (Asia Japan Pacific Islands India & Sri Lanka) Express 2 - 6 working days up to - 1kg 40 New Zealand 2 - 4 working days up to - 1kg 24 Rest of World (U.S.A. U.K. Europe Canada Caribbean) Express 4 - 8 working days up to - 1kg 46 Delivery our Per Extra Kg 10 Per Extra Kg 5 Per Extra Kg 14 Insurance 20 for the first 500 value 2 for every 100 thereafter freight courier is eMs (aust. post express). Your parcel maY be transferred to other carrIers dependIng on orIgIn of order. WE CAN ALSO PROVIDE CHEAPER RATES FOR ITEMS SENT BY AIR MAIL Item Weight Guide for International Postage Costs Please note that packaging also adds weight to the cost of freight. This chart is merely an approximation of item weights. We will be happy to provide final freight quotes if required. Item Details Item Weight 1.85 2.55 0.50 1.55 2.35 2.00 4.00 0.95 0.40 0.50 kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg Item Details Item Weight Bat ................................................................ Pads ............................................................. Batting Gloves .............................................. Cricket Shoes ................................................ 1 Dozen Cricket Balls .................................... Small Personal Cricket Bag ............................ Large Personal Cricket Bag ............................ Clothing-Shirt & Trousers ................................ Shirt .............................................................. Trousers Pants ............................................. Bat and Pads .................................................. 4.2 kg Bat Pads and Batting Glove............................ 4.6 kg Wicket Keeping Gloves ..................................... 1 kg Wicket Keeping Pads ...................................... 1.6 kg Wicket Keeping Pads and WK Gloves ............ 2.6 kg Shoes and Clothing ....................................... 2.10 kg Helmet and Grid ............................................ 1.20 kg Fielding Hat ................................................... 0.25 kg Set of Stumps and Bails ................................ 3.60 kg Set of Stickers Flat Rate ................................. 9.00 Exchange of Goods and or Return of Unsuitable or Damaged Product Damaged Product - Warranty repair Replacements or return authorisation Contact Stuart Aley 02 9502 4533 We will not accept delivery sent to us COD Protection. . . for the protection of all Credit Card holders we must obtain authorisation on all transactions & may require faxed authorisation & a signature from the card holder. For phone orders we will require the card holder to authorise payment of the card & will not accept authorisation from any other person. Buy online . . . 85 Customer Name .............................................................................................................................. Address ................................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................. Postcode ......................................... Phone work ....................................................... Phone home ................................................... Fax work ............................................................. Fax home ......................................................... Email ..................................................................................... Date .................................................. ORDER FORM Shopping List Delivery Instructions Address .......................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................... KINGSGROVE NSW 2208 All Mail Orders (Including Clubs) Supplied Through Head Office At Kingsgrove HEAD OFFICE KINGSGROVE SPORTS CENTRE LOCKED BAG 5000 HOW TO ORDER 1. Please use our order form for your convenience and enclose payment (Cheque money order or credit card details) and your order will be dispatched to you promptly in an efficient manner. Your address phone number and delivery instructions must be clearly stated. 2. You may phone us and discuss your order with us and charge to your credit card Telephone Order . This method is quick and efficient as we can discuss your order with you and substitute items if your requirement is out of stock. 3. Always describe precisely the equipment you require. Use remarks column. The code of the product would also be helpful. 4. Always note to check with us cost of postage. 5. Orders are dispatched by surface mail unless specified by customer and or by courier for larger items. Freight on parcels up to 1 kg within Australia 15.00 Parcels over 1 kg will be charged as per weight and destination Code No Qty Description & Size Price Total OVERSEAS ORDERS please contact us for postage costs Remarks Comments Postage Total Signature Use Of Credit Card for Telephone or Mail Order Your order may be paid by Credit Card though our preference has always been personal cheque or by money order. Your signature below is authority to issue a Credit Card Voucher for the amount purchased. The Sales Voucher if endorsed Mail Order will be treated as having been duly signed by the card holder. You may also phone a Credit Card order giving full Credit Card details. The Sales Voucher will be endorsed Telephone Order . There will be a surcharge of 3% on all payments made by American Express card to cover the fees applied by the bank. The seller reserves the right to refuse any request or order in the interest of this establishment. Tick the card you wish to use Your credit card number Master Card Visa Card American Express Expiry date ........................................................... Security number ....................................................... Cardholder s Name ( in full as shown on card ) ........................................................................................ Cardholder s Signature ................................................................. Date ..................................................... Cardholder s Address ..................................................................................................................................... State .......................................................... Post Code ........................................... All mail should be sent to Kingsgrove Sports Centre Locked Bag 5000 Kingsgrove NSW 2208 86 E-mail orders Phone 02 9502 4533 or 1300 552 999 Fax 02 9502 4503 Website The People who make us Tick Kingsgrove Sports Harry SolomonS Managing Director roHini SolomonS Director HamiSH SolomonS Online & Academy Director julie muir Store Manager Delivery Boy Rohers Level 3 Coach Moo Stuart aley Online & Mail Order Mgr Cricket Affairs Stuart Paul Belgre Administration Paul SHiran Sanjeewa Accountant PiraSanna wignarajaH Stock Receivable Warehouse Mgr. Kingsgrove Bryden SHarP SHamitHa martyn Sales Cricket Asst. Sales Kingsgrove geoff milliken Graphics Digital Prints ruPande Patel Shiran Pirasanna Sharpy Sham Spike Rups Club Order Clothing corinne Hall Club Order Marketing glenn Bridge cHriS armStrong Sales Kingsgrove cailyn fountain Sales Kingsgrove Sales Kingsgrove tim mozar joSH gavan Bat Repairs Crinny Bridgey Mex Junior Burt Bat Doctor Samuel atienzo Sales Kingsgrove tamSyn SolomonS Sales Kingsgrove Sales Kingsgrove renee iannotti cHriStian de SiSto Sales Kingsgrove nataSHa farHart Sales Kingsgrove Sales Westside janine cooke Sam Tim Tam Nae CDS Tash Bat Lady Patrick McGreGor Sales Westside Sales Westside SHaron daSS roBBie BateS Sales Penrith Pat Shaz Casual Sales Penrith adam BayliSS Casual Sales Penrith tom HarriS lara ranawake Sales Penrith Batesy Ads Tommy Lars Asst. 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